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  1. Wanted: Screws

    If you need new the smith will make new but usually unless they are really butchered you can titivate them to look presentable. If you can take pictures and email them to I will offer more positive advice or instructions on how to rectify
  2. Wanted: Remington 700 LA rings

    Anything here any good for you? Also have loads of rings in different heights etc mostly to suit Leupold style bases Remington 700 or HOWA or Weatherby Vanguard Hillver Stainless Steel (SILVER) 1 pc base (could be cut into 2 !) 2812 Leupold 1pc base for LH/LA 50007 Used Leupold Dual...
  3. For Sale: Weaver Grand Slam 6-20 x 40

    Weaver Varminting scope for sale – never used. £300 incl P&P It was bought for a Ruger s/s .204 as the scope is mainly silver with black adjustment grips so matches very well with both a s/s or black/blued rifle. The crosshairs are fine Duplex. Clarity is very good and ideal for shots on say...
  4. CCI small rifle primers 400 v BR4

    Primers are as much a variable component as any other in reloading and can alter velocity and trajectory and therefore accuracy quite considerably. I have long been an advocate of using primers in the same way as powder to vary a load with great effect. We dont choose our case because one...
  5. Gun stock refurb

    If your wood is only 'just' oily then................... My method is a little more drastic but usually 100% successful. The only time I find problems is when there are cracks in the wood. Cracks open with heat and need special treatment so PM me for specifics if you find your woodwork is...
  6. Gun stock refurb

    If your wood is oily - really oily then you will have problems and the following may assisit.................. Traditionally, some of the world’s most colorful woods like rosewood, teak, ebony and cocobolo are often used to build musical instruments, decorative boxes, jewelry, accents and trim...
  7. Gun stock refurb

    Let me start the post by stating that I am in no way saying any of the above posts are wrong – I am just passing on my findings and experience. I never use a paint stripper as I find the residues work their way into the grain and stay there and when a new finish is applied may often start to...
  8. Nosler

    Cant help with N133 but do have an unopened kilo of N130 I no longer need that should be equally suitable - £65 collected
  9. viht

    Close down sale of Vihtavouri and Lapua Well it looks as if something is amiss. I've just received an email headed 'Close out Sale - Everything must go' With 70% off Lapua brass its worth a buy from the US even with the carriage charges. I seem to be unable to add the email or even copy and...
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    I will not reply to messages before end of May now 20.04.12

    I will not reply to messages before end of May now 20.04.12
  11. Primer use

    .....and I suppose if you had 3 cars and one was diesel you would put petrol in all of them? :lol:
  12. Trigger Help - Steyr Pro Hunter Mk2

    I have some info on sorting Steyr trigger problems and adjusting same incl Factory adjustments. Email for all info on one sheet
  13. Primer Brissance?

    see post 9
  14. Primer use

    ""However, my real headache is my cold-bore shot. My very first shot is always way out (MOA high) at the very beginning of every session, and of course in a stalking situation that is the shot of paramount importance. Can anyone offer me experienced / informed (rather than stab in the dark)...
  15. Primer use

    Working up different loads with different primers means serious consideration needs to be given to pressure signs - here are some pages worth a read.................