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  1. Sold: Black Island Deluxe Gaiters

    I’m about 15 1/2inch would they be a good fit? If so would you take £50 posted please.
  2. Sold: Black Island Deluxe Gaiters

    What size please as they do two lengths?
  3. Sold: Black Island Deluxe Gaiters

    Can’t get you link to work?
  4. Available: Salmon fishing available

    Could I have some more information please as coming to Scotland in October.
  5. For Sale: Sako 75/85 rail

    Item still for sale, Steve Curry bought the other one!
  6. For Sale: Sako 75/85 rail

    Yes it fits too optilock bases.
  7. Sold: Sako 75 III Stainles Synthetic in 243

    I have the same rifle condition ect good but would not sell that cheap! If your interested I would snap it up! I don’t know Chasey but a bargain good luck with your sale.
  8. For Sale: Sako 75/85 rail

    Yes I done that and your correct, why did I not check! Never thought about it, thanks Fallow seeker.
  9. For Sale: Sako 75/85 rail

    I’m not sure to be honest. If you would like a picture of other side just let me know.
  10. For Sale: Sako 75/85 rail

    Rail for sale brand new never been out of the packet £60 posted.
  11. Pard 008 mounted on R8

    Where did you get that mount/rail please and cost ?
  12. Sold: Blaser - Pulsar QD mount

    Do you know if a pard nv 008 would work/fit on this please?
  13. Sold: Sako 75 Stainless Picitinny Rail

    Payment sent.
  14. Sold: Sako 75 Stainless Picitinny Rail

    Between 05.00/05.30 only at home because leak in the attic go and buy new stop cock and filter more money!
  15. Sold: Sako 75 Stainless Picitinny Rail

    E/mail sent re payment. PayPal is that ok Gareth ?