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  1. For Sale: Various Scope mounts

    Just The Sportsmatch Picatinny mounts left. :)
  2. For Sale: Wheeler Digital Fat Wrench

    Wheeler Digital Fat Wrench ideal for scope mounts and any other things that have a specific torque setting,as new just used a few times £79 Posted
  3. For Sale: Sako 85 Stainless .308 GRS Laminate

    Like the stock :)
  4. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X 5Rnd Magazines

    All Sold thx. :)
  5. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X 5Rnd Magazines

    1- Blue mag left. :)
  6. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X 5Rnd Magazines

    Red ones SOLD Blues still available :)
  7. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X 5Rnd Magazines

    Still here :)
  8. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X 5Rnd Magazines

    Been advised you can get these cheaper now (l paid more :() so £40 each posted
  9. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X 5Rnd Magazines

    For Sale T3/T3x 5 rnd magazines to suit 308 / 243 / 22/250 /7-08 / 260 ,2-off with red bottoms 2-off with blue bottoms ,now no longer required as I don’t have a Tikka , all brand new and unused 2-off removed from packaging just for a look £48 each posted
  10. For Sale: Various Scope mounts

    Various Scope mounts no longer required, for sale. 1/ Nightforce Ultralight Titanium 30mm Med ,Picatinny rings excellent condition. £90 posted ***SOLD*** 2/ Recknagel 30mm Tri-Nut Med Picatinny rings excellent condition. £75 posted ***SOLD*** 3/ Warne 30mm med 30mm Picatinny rings excellent...
  11. For Sale: Lynx 94 Hunter Laminate .243 Straight Pull

    Can’t believe this is still here :)
  12. For Sale: Lynx 94 Hunter Laminate .243 Straight Pull

    Yes they do. :)
  13. For Sale: Lynx 94 Hunter Laminate .243 Straight Pull

    What a cracking piece of engineering and a worthy alternative to a Blaser :lol:
  14. Wanted: 6.5CM dies wanted

    Ed at Edinburgh Rifles had a set of Hornady
  15. Sold: Tasco 6-24x40 scope

    Tasco 6-24x40 Scope 1” tube ,front parallax adjusting , duplex reticule in excellent condition £49 Posted