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  1. For Sale: Harris 1a2

    Hi is this still available? And is it the swivel model? Also is it the notched legs? Cheers
  2. Sold: Swarovski 10 x 32 EL Binoculars

    If these were 10x42s id be all over it. Have a bump anyhow, great optics at a good price.
  3. For Sale: Blue Monday Leupold Sale!!!

    I will take the alumina caps if theyre still available. Thanks
  4. Sold: Nightforce nxs 5.5 -22x56

    Hi, does it have the bikini covers?
  5. For Sale: Blue Monday Leupold Sale!!!

    Hi, lense caps still available?
  6. Swap: Optilock Tikka Bases for 9-11mm Rimfire

    Cash price for bases?
  7. Wanted: Swarovski Z6i 3- 18 x 50 BT

    Would you be interested to sell your z5 separately?
  8. For Sale: Sako 1” Optilock 1 piece ringmounts.

    Hi, are these still available?
  9. Sold: Sako Optilock rings

    Still available?
  10. Sold: BLACK FRIDAY EVENT SALE! MINOX ZX5 5-25X56 #4 ONLY 495.00

    Hi, still available at this price? Cheers
  11. Sold: Warne 30mm mounts for Tikka T3

    Hi, what height are they? What size objective lense did you have in them? Cheers
  12. Sold: Sightron stac

    Hi, could you pm me some pics please
  13. Swarovski z5

    I found my unicorn! Its second hand but is the full package that I was after and in new condition! Chuffed as.
  14. Swarovski z5

    For those that may own one, or have used one, you will know how much of a neat little scope the Swarovski z5 is and how much it can offer. Ive recently been looking for one in the ballistic turret version but found to my disgust hat they are discontinued!! I realize that time moves on and...