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  1. Swarovski Z5

    Thats great thanks Bigboab29 much appreciated. Mine also going on 204.
  2. Swarovski Z5

    Thanks for the answer. The reason I asked is that the scope is £1400 and if its not suitable for this purpose then I will be gutted. Its always best to get first hand experience from an actual user rather than the manufacturer! The Plex is the finest reticule they do so thats where the concern...
  3. Swarovski Z5

    Some advise please. I'm in the market for a Swarovski Z5 5-25 BT. I will mainly use this for daytime/dusk shooting where it will be very good but there will be occasions where I use this in the lamp for foxing. My question is if anyone has one - how have they found it in the lamp please? They...
  4. thermal rifle scope

    If I may add my comments here please. I have recently purchased the Optix Identifier. This has 3x optical zoom and 2x and 4 x digital. I agree with your comments (243 hunter) the digital zoom does downgrade the picture but at 2x digital (6x total) zoom you have a very clear image. As 'old...
  5. thermal rifle scope

    Scott Country are no longer retailing the Optix Identifier (Pulsar one coming out soon) and kindly put me on to Rovicom who are retailing them in the UK. The price is £4900+VAT so well under the initial expected 10k mark. I have one coming over for a demo today so will let you know my thoughts...
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