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  • if you want me to get the 223 bullets i can ask Dan just let me know which 1s you want weight ect
    cheers Lee

    Yes - that's no problem. Depending how quickly you need them, I could probably drop them off to you in the next ten days or so, as I desperately need to collect some .300WM stuff I've ordered from Norman Clarkes, plus I need to pick up some .223 Sako factory ammo from John Knibbs for a mate, so I'll be in your neighbourhood.

    No joy on my zeroing range as I need to build a good back stop, Problem is the guy who owns the land will not let me get in there with a digger, I would manage it if I could get my van in as I would get loads of bulk bags of sand and start from there.
    Any way are you comming to the party on the 17th December?
    Hi Greg,

    I got back from Ireland at 5 a.m this morning - I'm terminally knackered but it was a superb week. The final tally between the two of us was over 20 deer, mostly Sika and Sika hybrids from Wicklow, including four or five nice stags. Fraser & I are going back in Jan/Feb for some hind stalking.

    The cold store is going in at the end of the month - just need a dry, frost-free day or two to bung in a course of bricks for the cold room and larder extension to sit on first.

    How's the shooting going - have you found anything local yet?

    Hows it going Adam?
    Are you back from your latest shooting adventure?
    Also how is the cold store, Do you need a hand in erecting it.
    Looks like I can make the weekend of the 11th September, Is it still on?
    Yep, tis I ;). I prefer this forum to AR - there's fewer Yanks... Mind you, the SD has too many 'armchair' stalkers who prefer to talk about deer than shoot them.

    If you want to see some photos of various UK hunting exploits, have a look at my stalking partner Trevor's (AKA Gadget) gallery. There's loads of pictures of the Reds, Roe and Muntjac taken on our ground in England and Scotland.


    Hello Adam,
    Can you sort out the list of bits I need to ask Norman Clarke to bring to the game fair for me?
    I have some small experience in the art of the trebuchet, what do you want to know?

    The best contrivance uses a powerful spring for the motive force of the main arm, the motor being to wind the arm back against it's tension.

    The device would have a wheel hub bearing mounted on a upright from a securely staked down plate. The arm would be welded to the wheel end and be pushed against tension by a geared motor backwards and upwards,

    Instead of attempting a cradle for the tyre the device will merely give it a hefty boot out of the block, simplifying the magazine design considerably.

    It needs the horns of a bull mounted on it as well, possibly with a smoke machine.
    All excellent questions that will be answered in the fullness of time.

    A starter for ten is that the Dolphins were indeed selected on the basis of pointy-ness.

    Professionally speaking, I cured her!
    Hello mate, hope you're holding up alright.

    In other news today I encountered a little old lady with a ginger goatee wondering aimlessly in Waitrose shouting "Marcus!" at the poultry section.

    I got so caught up in the moment I called her "Adam" and she looked at me like I'd just passed a dead dolphin and giving me look that said "Weirdo!" composed herself and backed away avoiding eye contact.

    Point is I seem to be able to mental illness.
    Cheers for that,
    I cant seem to find that lovley Allen bullet holder / stock cheek riser you had on your rifle? Where did you buy that from.
    Also what time and day do I need to be at yours.
    Where is the best place to get a bino bib type strap from before we go to Scotland?
    Also Jay is still on the case about the tow hitch.
    Let me know if you think i need anything eles before we go?
    Please can you go before the 29th or a week after as im off on a weeks holiday with the family?
    The thought of going to scotland to shoot my first deer is mental.
    Just missed some yati stuff on fleebay but bought some Germany army kit as stand by incase i missed the other stuff. Lucky I did.
    I can make it mid week or weekends to make the trip before the 29th June or when back from Hols.
    Let me know your thoughts?
    Have you managed to fire your new beast yet?, Bet it shakes the table.
    Look forward to yooour reply.
    How you doing Adam?
    Bit of a change in the weather, When you next going to Oxford shooting Muntjac or Scotland
    Would love to meet you there and prepared to pay you.
    I feel I would like to shoot my first deer with you.
    Speak soon
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