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  1. Tikka T3 owners.... blued v stainless

    No problems with my blued T3 as above a wipe over with an oily rag
  2. Wanted: Roe Stalking loch lomond

    Try Smidge, it comes in a spray and wipes, great stuff
  3. 22 rim fire advice please

    I tend to use the .22 mag barrel , it has been cut down to 14 inches which is handy out of a vehicle, also if a fox pops up, it’s good night, however you have to head shoot rabbits, otherwise a bit messy
  4. 22 rim fire advice please

    I have a scope for each barrel with QR mounts, the barrels hold zero pretty consistently after a change
  5. 22 rim fire advice please

    Sako quad I have the holy trinity .22 , .17 hmr and .22 mag three rifles in one
  6. We all love dogs ... best puppy and best friend pics thread ? 😁

    A start of a new dynasty my latest girl
  7. Does carrying around ammunition in your pocket for a long time affect it?

    Likewise I use couple of these to carry extra about
  8. Morning Stalk in Cornwall

    Just a small point if there were CWD in Cornwall you would not be able to take a one until 1 November
  9. First Buck

    Well done a cracking start, one of many I hope
  10. Nice surprise

    yes they look like something from the ice age
  11. Nice surprise

    As requested a side profile
  12. Nice surprise

    I shot a CWD buck back in March, I put the tusks into CIC just to see and it came back a silver medal, well happy
  13. Weve a white roe

    You are quite correct, I stalk on a neighbouring estate and there are a few escapees which have set up there
  14. Prince Philip has died

    God bless, I shall raise a glass to him
  15. Sold: Sako 30-06 brass

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