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  • hi Ali, hows it going, was it yourself that was shooting crows at the pond last week as i text u,
    have you been out for a buck yet, i was down with the young un to dunkeld last saturday dropping of some items sold to an estate
    and had a wee barter system going, shooting and fishing on the tay, we just did some shooting for the day getting to know the ground, the keeper showed us around and gave us an education on pheasant rearing which was verry interesting, anyway the young un shot well and got two nice young bucks to his name taking his tally to 18 now and being only 12. lucky boy, are you back of shore ? Rob
    Hi Ali,Hope youi had a good festive,any ducks coming into the ponds,i dug a few ponds above the railway line and looks ok,but maybe to late this year,pop up sometime to the studio,soon i will be building the biggest studio show room in uk,just going in for planning soon,
    Going out again tomo night for the fox,
    Went out for salmon tonight, few fish coming in but
    never got any, another boy had 6 finnock about 1lb.
    Where u getting the fishing on the thurso from?
    Thanks for that,Ill tell peter who has sheep in those feilds,peter just got a fox yesterday further along the heights and he got a fox above yours above the railway,are you seeing any bucks ?what time of morning did you see fox,I havent been out yet to try for a buck this week,are you off 2dy,
    Hi Ali,

    Heard some shooting today,was it you,a lot of shots ,did you get a lot of crows lol,
    should have your head ready for fri or sat,send me your num,i got a vixen the other morning,

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