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  1. Sold: Lapua Brass

    Hi Tremo, could i take the 308 brass please.

    Hi Rab, I will take these if still available please. Cheers
  3. North Wales Talking Stalking Evening

    I hope to get there with one other.
  4. Talking Stalking Llanrwst.

    Thanks for that.Went last year and was a good evening.
  5. North Wales members stalkers evening with BASC

    Hope to attend with 1 other.
  6. Opinel No 8

    I have used these knives for nearly 30 years.The annoying thing about them is when they get wet the wood swells and you have to hit the end of the handle on something solid to coax the blade out.
  7. Swazi Wapiti Jacket draw - it's for free

    Put my name in the draw please.Would make a lovely Christmas present for me.:-D
  8. Flexothane or similar

    Being a farmer my flexothane leggings are on my wellies all year.They are waterproof but you sweat when its warm.They are quite tough against barbed wire etc.I have the unlined coat too and you stay dry.
  9. For Sale: Monarch "Ghillie" Roe & Sika Sacks + FOC Mora Clipper

    Hi Robert,Sika sack arrived today.Looks very well made and thought out. Looking forward to filling it! Thankyou for an easy transaction. Regards Andrew
  10. lots 10 raffle 10 lucky last

    2 tickets bought,fingers crossed:-D
  11. daihatsu four track

    As others have said before mechanicals great,body and chassis bad for rust.Check rear cross member for corrossion,not a difficult job to mend but other bits will be just as delicate!!!I had one for 8 years and loved it,basic but functional.
  12. Atec-Mod stuck baffle - help needed

    Give Jackson Rifles a call.They are the importers and have a workshop and experience of these things. I had issues with an Atec cmm-4 and they resolved it.
  13. Fox Calls - Database

    Thanks for those,managed to find one that i hadn't got.Sorted now.
  14. Best Stalking Sticks

    Check out the twin sticks thread in deer stalking equipment.I have used these sticks with John Robson of YDS and they are very good.Will be ordering a set in due course.
  15. The season of giving , good will and all that !

    Great offer i'll have 542 please.
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope