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  1. R8 Safety catch

  2. It was a mistake.

    america is in a glass house and maybe they shouldn't throw stones.
  3. It was a mistake.

    Iran Air Flight 655 - Wikipedia
  4. UK deer species completed... what next?

    what about Pokemon? :p
  5. Shooting stick recommendations

    spartan sentinel tripod. I have the older kapita version which is great.
  6. UK deer species completed... what next?

    do it again left handed :lol:
  7. BBC finally under real fire?

    if I were in power I would immediately put a tax on Klenchblaize so all SD members could eat creme buns every lunchtime. Why not! after all its easy to spend other peoples money and it would be for the common good :)
  8. BBC finally under real fire?

    the next move is to make none payment of the licence fee a civil matter. this will remove the ability of the bbc to use the threat of a criminal record. it would be a massively welcome step to making them rethink how they behave as an organisation.
  9. First knife nearly finished...

    great piece of work.
  10. Motorcyclists/speeding

    not if you drive a company car

    some of you need to calm down and maybe buy a bicycle and go out and get some exercise. its good for high blood pressure :lol:

    it is perfectly legal accept on narrow roads and round bends. motorists now also have give cyclists as much room as you would when overtaking a car. the suggested minimum is 1.5 metres. edit. didn't see that kes had posted already.
  13. Travelling With Firearms

    I am booked at the end of November so close enough.
  14. Travelling With Firearms

    when I fly to SA you get issued with a piece of paper that becomes your licence whilst in that country. no reason why the same can't apply or they will just allow you to use your FAC.