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  1. Waist stalking bag

    another vote for swedteam
  2. What magazines do you guys subscribe too?

    The Economist and Pilot Magazine.
  3. Ridgeline Evolution Smock How good?

    cheers, I have always wanted to buy a hunting cloak for similar reasons, but have never got round to it. hopefully someone will be along with the answer to your original query!
  4. Ridgeline Evolution Smock How good?

    I am asking you why you like smocks :)
  5. Ridgeline Evolution Smock How good?

    I always wondered why people like smocks? what is so bad about a full zip? smocks look awkward to get in and out off.

    I dont know about you guys but my forehead gets so tired when I look through binos
  7. idiot firing rifle from his vehicle on public by way yesterday!

    thats shocking. we got burgled a while back and the police pretty much said buy some cctv and we might do something next time.
  8. Has there been a cull recently?

    me neither. I often wonder if he ever sold his Swarovski night vision
  9. New knives commission

    that looks really nice.
  10. current restrictions?

    yeah it is necessary because I want to go deer stalking.
  11. current restrictions?

    so is the 5 mile rule being dropped tomorrow?
  12. Pigeonwatch account deletion

    same user name
  13. Pigeonwatch account deletion

    I just logged into mine. I was last on there four years ago.
  14. Any bikers on the site?

    this is my current bike