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  • you ok mate talk soon hope tomorrow is better for you weather wise
    give me a bell when you can
    no problem bud give me a date we can do it my son i went with the april date as a bolt on but as and when mate the later in the summer the more planning i can do
    Hi Ash, Yes tracked him down, Lots of **** going on over there at moment and farm is going up for sale by the looks of it? That should take a while to sort out tho. Im going over to see him this week end so will put it to him and see what is said? Just a thought about that date you gave. I will not have any Deer in season in the park at that time of year and it will be hit or miss if i can get onto a munty or roe in the woods on the day???
    as its classed as a park and not a deer farm they come under seasons.
    sent you one via email you cant put your name under it a lancastrian tattoo artist may not me able to do big long words
    i have Russ but it belongs to me it is the one of the HC Logos i had done and it is copyrighted you can have a copy think of the advertising for me

    "i liked the products so much i bought the logo"
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