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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Sold: Schmidt and Bender 8x56

    No sorry Geordieh, sold to Hugh. Just reread that and it wasn't very clear. My bad.
  2. Sold: Schmidt and Bender 8x56

    Sold, payment pending. Thank you for your offer Geordieh.
  3. Sold: Schmidt and Bender 8x56

  4. Sold: Schmidt and Bender 8x56

    Unmarked and truly mint condition Schmidt and Bender 8x56 with A7 reticle (thick bars are further out than the A4, lets you see a bit more). Fantastic low light scopes for very little money. Owned it for 18 months but been off the .243 for a while. It was sat in Optilock rings before that and...
  5. Free: Reindeer hide- free to a good home

    Perfect thanks very much!
  6. Free: Reindeer hide- free to a good home

    I'll take this if I may. Just sorted out the man shed and would be a great addition! Can you let me know what the postage is please and I'll ping it over to you.
  7. For Sale: Sako stocks

    Magic thanks.
  8. For Sale: Sako stocks

    Can you PM me a photo of the synthetic one please?
  9. Wanted: Schmidt & bender Klassik turret caps

    Be worth trying Edward at Edinburgh Rifles a call or Greame at Sporting Services.
  10. Sold: ICOtec GC350

    Thanks for the reply and offer Whatmuff. Actually just been offered one from a mate who's packing up so all sorted. Andrew is keen for it mind!!!
  11. Sold: ICOtec GC350

    Hi mmbeatle, looks like a great unit however it's way more than I need in call for the time being. Thanks for the heads up all the same and good luck with your sale.
  12. Sold: ICOtec GC350

    I'm after one of the aforementioned either the original or the gen2 if anyone has one lying around they aren't using anymore. Did look at the GC300 but would like the programmable feature due to the varied areas I shoot over. If you have anything give me a shout. ATB
  13. Shooting tv

    Came across the Mossy Oak GO website the other day and it's pretty good Browse - Mossy Oak GO On YouTube theres' always Randy Newberg who's a normal American hunter who shoots the public lands. Much more down to earth! Randy Newberg, Hunter
  14. Sold: Sako Optilock Weaver/Picatinny Bases

    Hi all, I'm after a pair of the Sako Optilock bases for a weaver/picatinny rail as i'm swapping over a scope. Preferably the standard steel ones but i'm not that fussy so would go for the stainless ones if they're available. Let me know if there's any kicking about in your bits n' bobs boxes...
  15. relcom

    When I was reloading I had no issues with it apart from a few dented necks which was easily sorted with a neck die. May not be the prettiest of brass but it does the job. This was my experience from loading and reloading .25-06, .257 Roberts, .243 and .30-06.