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    Land owner/s contacted from the Deer Initiative

    You seem to be quick to ascribe motive without any evidence. You make sweeping statements and then fail to back them up - again a lack of reason or evidence. "Its quite obvious that the land owner was to blame." Perhaps you'd care to evidence that one? Why don't you enlighten us with your...
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    Land owner/s contacted from the Deer Initiative

    The 'landowner' in my case is a large charitable organisation. Their own internal communications undoubtedly leave a great deal to be desired and I've had detailed communication with the Chief Exec highlighting my concerns. The written replies are a litany of apologies for the shambolic manner...
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    Land owner/s contacted from the Deer Initiative

    Just because you may have had a good experience of the DI doesn't make it a universal truth does it? Only your 'truth' prevails ... you should get a job with Mr Barnier.
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    Land owner/s contacted from the Deer Initiative

    Very much my experience as well. The DI is long on rhetoric and extremely short on delivery. In my case when they took over the ground they hadn't even asked if there was anyone else stalking there - with obvious potential for a 'blue on blue'. I only learnt of their little scheme when it...
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    Texas aid?

    It's the age of information technology! A quick Google search threw this up:Three major Grenfell Tower funds come together to start distributing £11m which in turn led to this The London Emergencies Trust (LET) is a registered charity and came into being after the terrorist attack on...
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    They're having a laff?

    Just you, on your own with a knife, or with a pack of dogs as well?
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    Lost sea eagle found in Sutherland

    Mull sea eagle thought lost is found in Sutherland - BBC News
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    Hospital refuses a donation?

    Really? Well, I hope no one tells Hereford Hospital. Last year Wye Valley NHS Trust Umbrella Charity spent just short of a million quid on a variety of things including, staff training, staff welfare, purchase of new equipment, medical research and new building works...
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    BASC says don’t pay medical fee

    Yep, that really is the problem. Too many folk bleating about it and not enough doing anything. Just please don't lump us (all?) into the appeasement camp...
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    Cheap shooting charabang

    AKA Ford Maverick. Had one -3 and then 5 door version - for years. It usually lives in a three seat configuration with the dog crate installed. There is still plenty of space for two good sized fallow carcasses when Merlin and Merlin Minor shoot them!
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    BASC says don’t pay medical fee

    True. A friend of mine has just had a letter from his GP asking for £20 to reply to the initial police notification of renewal. This letter arrived after he'd received his tickets back from West Mercia. Sadly, despite my urging him not to pay, he has, as he doesn't want any hassle with his surgery!
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    Dog Insurance??

    That's the way to do it... Most vets I've come across are very accommodating when informed that any treatment is not an insurance job. Barring unforeseen trauma injuries most dogs, like humans, go through life with little more than minor medical problems. It's when we/they get old that it starts...
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    Did the RSPCA act illegally?

    ... and if you ask NE they are happy to tell you: "...that the RSPCA have been issued an Organisational Licence which allows them to release Muntjac deer back into the wild (immediate release after accidental entrapment). This licence covers the whole of England and allows the release of a...
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    Landrover Defender - Flaking Ally

    Yeah, but it kept you busy and out of the nick. :D
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    What is this?

    I wonder if it is something to do with tillering a bow, although not a method I've seen before? Whoever made it did a proper job getting all the screw head slots aligned.