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  1. Might be a Brexit thread

    I have moved house in the last two weeks and so far I have been on the phone for over 7 hours in the last 5 days talking to Indian and south african call centre operators for British Gas trying to get the so called "smart meters for the gas and electric" (they installed them by court order when...
  2. Landrover defender prices

    I have a series 2 bonnet laid up in my garage, a snip at £3500.
  3. Wet Tumbler Setup?

    I salvaged some hard disc magnets to pick up the pins using an old garden sprayer pump mechanism.
  4. Anyone tried a new defender?

    What is the entry price on them?
  5. Wet Tumbler Setup?

    A plastic colander to seperate. Lemishine is what Americans use to stop stains on the brass, I have had the same result with kettle descaler.
  6. Idaho Boy is going home, thanks for the fun boys and girls!

    Back to those super potatoes too.
  7. Harness and vest for Teckel

    He makes them using a fencing sport protective lining which hinders stab wounds.
  8. Normal Life - when ?

    I pay 126 Euros per month in Germany for private health care and so far have had all my treatments done asap and am very happy with it. The wife has the German state care deal and she got first hip at 38 then the other hip at 65 and she went off to 4 weeks therapy in clinics after each op. We...
  9. UKDTR working again this w

    Nice to see proper work.
  10. RSPB cats and prey - 100m dead annually

    Eindhoven during the war had no cats, work it out.
  11. Moving to canada

    Emigrated at 21 came back 6-7 weeks later as there was no work. Always regretted it. Seems I am entitled to Canadian citizenship from my fathers side but being 70 there is little real benefit now. Just go and do it!!
  12. National Disgrace.........

    I do not have a sob story to tell, I get half my UK pension from the US for just 2.5 years of working there USA so it puts it into proportion. 7 houses on top sorts me out ok but only from 50 years of working full time. I thought this was an off topic discussion.
  13. RSPB cats and prey - 100m dead annually

    Milky asprin anybody?
  14. National Disgrace.........

    Just checked mine it is £148.49 pw the UK cup runneth over with kindness. I see Bliar has used a private jet to skip Quarantine on the wages he "earned?".