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  1. The Last Post

    Dear Friends I would like to take the opportunity to tell you all myself that I have decided to leave the SD site and to move on to pastures new. Before doing so I would like to thank the many friends that I have made on this site, you really are top people and it has been my great privilege...
  2. Site T-shirts help needed

    Hi All, Unfortunately I find myself with increasing health problems which means that I won't be able to go to the CLA fair this year. I had intended to bring the T-shirts along and pass them on to their owners. Can anyone help me out here; I need someone to post out the T-shirts’ to members...
  3. What is a cull buck???

    I wish that you could still buy them but they are not PC. You can buy a plastic pink watering can though and make the sound effects yourself. ;)
  4. Why Are Some Discussions Stifled / Censored?

    Again Griff you do what you wish, I had the support of both 300 wsm and Stag 1933 when I asked people to cool it, my request went unheeded. I have given my reasons for my actions and I believed that I acted in the interests of the site. I have said before that if the changes to this site are...
  5. What is a cull buck???

    Well if its an argument you want Andy, I think Lazer guns are rubbish; I much prefer a pair of Navy Colt revolver cap guns! The caps that come in a long pink paper coils and burn you knuckles! :lol:
  6. Why Are Some Discussions Stifled / Censored?

    Well that’s your choice Pete E, no one forced you to join this site. Did you not read the 'Terms of use' at the bottom of the 'Home page' when you joined? Thank you for your contribution. Regards Steve.F PS I quote:- Only certain Admins are denying free speech; and it is they who are...
  7. Who are they ?

    Hi Snowy, The fine looking gentlemen on the banners are Rob Mac (site founder) and his stalking fellows. Very nice they are too, Rob Mac, fellows and banners! ;)
  8. Stalking Directory Chatroom

    Hi Snowstorm. All very valid points that need to be considered. I must confess to knowing very little about these things. I visited a Land Rover owners MSM chat room and ended up being threated publicly by a so called friend that took offence to something I wrote in perfect innocence. He...
  9. Why Are Some Discussions Stifled / Censored?

    Thank you for your support Snowstorm and others, We have to have rules and guidelines in everything we do, to allow so called free speech means that someone will always have more freedom than others; it’s the law of the jungle. I want to be open and frank with my fellow stalkers, I have no...
  10. Stalking Directory Chatroom

    Due to the site changing ownership, the chat room idea has been put on a back burner for the present time. Thank you.
  11. Why Are Some Discussions Stifled / Censored?

    Right now it’s my turn, I locked the thread because I could see that it was sliding down hill towards libellous accusations against Dominic Griffiths. Now if this had happened, this site not the individuals making the comments would be held accountable for them in a court of law because the...

    I think that we can go no further with this thread. The information is there, members must make their own decisions on how to proceed in this matter. I would rather not have to pull or lock this thread. Steve.F (Admin)
  13. SD T' shirts

    Hi All, I spoke to the T' shirt printer chap today, he has the screens printed and will have the T'shirt sent out to me by the end of next week. I expected them to be ready by now, but hey never mind. Sorry about the delay, those of you wanting the T'shirts sent will have them in time for the...
  14. just for Robin

    It’s amazing how much Baileys you can get out of one small monkey. If you are more adventurous why not try freshly squeezed Blue Arsed Baboon? All you need is a length of carpet gripper, a cider press and two demijohns. Add ice and a slice to taste. Oo...oo..oo.its good! :lol:
  15. A Passion for stalking site

    Hey Wadas, that's like the time you caught JayB on another stalking site isn't it! :-D ....... :shock: ............. :???: ................ :roll: Oops that let the cat out of the bag! Sorry John. :lol:
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