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  1. For Sale: Lamping equipment, Cluson, Coleman, lamps, battery packs

    These were my late Father's who passed away in April this year suffering from Dementia and Diabetes. Aged 83, he would have turned 84 next week. He was an avid shooter, stalker and countryman and had a huge collection of sporting goods I am selling these on behalf of my Mother. They are...
  2. Pressure signs - craters on primers

    Much more a sign of pin to bore tolerance on the bolt face than pressure signs even mild loads do that on some rifles I personally use primer flattening and margin profile between primer pocket and primer as a better indicator
  3. Schmidt and Bender problems

    Sako? use the tapered dovetail without the recoils lug as a windage adjustable mount all is not as expected when it comes to concentricity and alignment when it comes to receivers and mounts!!
  4. Sightron?

    have three now, had a couple of others my 3-10x56IR is great
  5. Treat the dogs for ticks.... but what about us?

    I am sorry I am not wearing a body stocking with mythical properties that disappear when washed. The drugs don't work on my bloody dog, pulled two off her this week and she was treated the fortnight before. one had clearly been gorging for a while if they find a way in they will attach best...
  6. Pulling Bullets

    really? sounds more like mixed use and brand brass combined with an improperly set up full length die pullers and kinetic hammers are easy to use and source
  7. any quickload wizards out there?

    if I seat a bullet 2mm deeper on a compressed load that is producing 48150psi what will it do to the pressure? .308 56gr H20 case capacity 45gr N135 130gr bullet shank depth 8.64mm (want to make it 10-10.64 depth) OAL 71.2 (want to make it 69.2-69.5mm) could someone do me a huge favour and run...
  8. Bankruptcy!

    Assuming that there is now a difference in the ultimate goals of the individual parties is a very dated idea The fundamental issues in this country are: the fear of losing Global businesses, the obsession with class, the historical tax rates Businesses continue to stay in the UK as it is a...
  9. Rifle build. 300 win mag

    yes, more deer than targets brake made a very light setup pes t12 mod made it a pussycat to shoot prone if it added a bit of weight Used 180gr and 200gr(208gr) sporter walnut stock, 21-22" shorter barrel taper down to about 15mm at the muzzle nicest scope set up I had was a 4-14x44 zeiss, slim...
  10. Poetry request

    Thank you all My heart is in the highlands it is
  11. .22 pistol

    I was issued a .22 pistol for non-professional (whatever that is!) humane dispatch dont see the problem get your facts straight present an irrefutable case
  12. Poetry request

    hymn firmly on the agenda already need a reading for a nephew to read
  13. Poetry request

    All good suggestions, thanks i fear the Scots dialect to do Burns justice may be a stretch too far for the reader sadly I have neither the talent nor time funeral is the 12th
  14. Rifle build. 300 win mag

    What donyou you want from it? i had one and will get another 21" barrel on mine did everything I wanted targets to 1000yds prone shooting of deer with a brake it was very pointy and easy to shoulder mag length was too short for my 208gr home loads so single feeding was the order of the day...
  15. 6x45 excitement

    Where are the target pictures?! get out shooting! we need pictures!