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  1. Price drop on venison

    Still getting £60 a Roe in jacket here. Can get £30/kg loin, £25/kg Haunch and £20/kg Shoulder to restaurants. Most get processed gratis for friends and family. Eating game in season knocks our food bill by 25% :cool:
  2. For Sale: Packing up clearing out cabinet

    +1 on chokes also what length barrels?


    12ga Left Hand Hatsan Extreme with 3" chambers 2+1. Comes with five chokes. Well used but good working order. £150.00 F2F
  5. Compiling an ‘ideal’ rifle battery

    I am a fellow lefty and incidentally have five rifles and they fire Xgn bullets: 22lr Annie 40gn .22-250 REM 700VS 52gn .260 SAKO M591 140gn .308 REM 700VS 123gn 300WSM TIKKA T3X 210gn The .308 is setup for very short range <125yds...
  6. Stalking & price is it value for money;

    Cost seems very reasonable to me. I have a lot of free stalking but I also pay occasionally. I don't sit down and work out what it may cost the person I'm paying. It doesn't matter. I am paying for the opportunity to shoot over land I otherwise wouldn't be able to with someone who knows it...
  7. Free deer management

    Comments are seem positive thus far Jimmy lad, wishing them luck.
  8. Free deer management

    From the FW a couple of weeks ago. Made me chuckle. Good luck to them though. If you don't ask etc....
  9. For Sale: Pulsar Digiforce 860RT Night Vision Monocular Scope

    Any idea of useable range?
  10. Paying for goods on SD

    I've bought (mainly) and sold more times than I can remember on SD. I'm probably too trusting using PP as a Friend and BACS but I've not had one issue at all.
  11. .243 left hand advice

    Further to the above I would say that it's not about being left or right handed. Eye dominance should take priority and then you should match the action to which ever shoulder you shoot from i.e. Left shoulder + Left hand action. Right shoulder + Right hand action. I've used SA80s for a number...
  12. .243 left hand advice

    Each to their own. I'm left eye dominant also so will shoot off the left shoulder always. If you shoot off the right shoulder then it would make absolute sense to buy a RH rifle. I guess if you don't shoot without an aid i.e. sticks bipod then it's fine but holding the rifle by the pistol grip...
  13. .243 left hand advice

    I can't see the logic in buying RH for ease of resale and availability. If you ever need a quick follow up shot and you have to bugger about and change position/reach over you'll be annoyed as opportunities could be wasted or worse deer welfare risked. I have bought new Tikka T3X LH and waited...
  14. Sold: Amax 6.5mm 123gr

    Hello, monies sent. Many thanks, J
  15. Sold: Amax 6.5mm 123gr

    300 please