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  1. 6.5mm 100gr or 120gr?

    T Thank you for this, very useful.
  2. 6.5mm 100gr or 120gr?

    The drop in weight is not just due to speed. Non-lead are less dense and therefore longer than same weight lead counterparts. This creates stability issues in the heavier non-lead offerings.
  3. 6.5mm 100gr or 120gr?

    Thank you for this information, it's exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for.
  4. 6.5mm 100gr or 120gr?

    That is a good question. The ABLR is the best bullet I have used for Roe and Fallow close up and out to range. I now sell direct to restaurants and consumers. I'd rather maximise my market. People are asking the question so needs must.
  5. 6.5mm 100gr or 120gr?

    Good morning, I'm moving over to non-lead in my .260Rem. Currently using 142gr ABLR. I have narrowed down to Barnes ttxs. Will the 100gr or 120gr perform better 0-300yds on Roe, Muntjac and Fallow? First hand field based responses preferred. I appreciate these maybe few and far between...
  6. Have you worked out your cost per round?

    It makes perfect sense to me for most of my rounds. 300WSM 69p per bullet, 37p powder, 7p primer, 10p brass = £1.23 per round for a premium bullet matched to perform in my rifle. Factory fodder is circa £3.50/round. Plus I use it alot to practice. "saves" me lots of money. :lol: 260Rem hard...
  7. Food label printer - any recommendations please?

    I use the Dymo at work for sending letter to all out clients. The merge from excel is excellent and saves a lot of time if you already have the information stored for records. Dymo also produce a label that is far more durable than the standard ones. DYMO LW Durable Labels for LabelWriter...
  8. Night vision store problems

    Just to add Blackwood Outdoors sorted me out in 24hrs. For less money. The contrast is stark.
  9. Night vision store problems

    I have had this problem. I ordered with a 15 day back order. 6 weeks later I got an email telling me my order had been received and was being processed 5 weeks after that I sent my last email asking for an update. No response. It took a further 5 weeks to get my money back through PayPal. At no...
  10. Can you tell the difference between male and female on a skinned deer carcass?

    WOW. That looks so damn good. Massive food envy. I'm off to get something to eat!
  11. What stock options??

    I've posted the same on UKV but I'd but really grateful for any help from the SD massive. I'm looking for an aftermarket stock from a Sako M591 in LH. Predominantly for deer but also steel at range. Chambered in. 260rem. Needs to be adjustable preferably for lop and recoil pad height but...
  12. For Sale: 6.5mm Bullets for Sale

    Up Please
  13. For Sale: Dies and Press

  14. For Sale: Scopes for sale

    Edited & final price drop.
  15. Am I missing a caliber?

    I have a. 308. Its not used a huge amount. Maybe 5-10 outings a year for when I'm in heavy woodland, normally for fallow. It used to get 50-80 outings. I then bought both a 260rem and 300WSM. These get used a lot. My. 22-250 and. 22lr also get a fair bit of use. Your 308 is fine for everything...