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  1. Kuiu gear?

    I have a couple of jackets. It is good but it is also overpriced for what it is. The superlight down jacket is my favorite. In combination with the ultralight weight waterproof outer you can wear a t-shirt and the water/windproof layer marching up the hill and keep dry and a comfortable temp...
  2. Quickload query

    Afternoon all, I cannot find my quickload CD and one of my staff has my laptop so they can work from home. Can anyone run a powder compatibility for 300WSM 24" barrel 178gr ELD-X. Keen to see results for RS60 RS70 and SuperFormance which I'm hoping will be near the top. Many thanks in...
  3. Start of my Stags Article I wrote for my website

    Thanks for sharing, good read.
  4. For Sale: Sightron S Tac 2.5-17.5x56 0.25

    I'll take this please.
  5. Instead of boiling...

    Attach a rope to the antlers and leave in a weedy part of the lake. 2 months later and it's completely clean. Looks yellow but after a day in the sun it's white.
  6. DSC2 Assessors near Lincoln

    I'll ask matt when I'm in this week. Thanks
  7. DSC2 Assessors near Lincoln

    Thanks both, my apologies. Indeed I meant an AW. I have the list but wondered if anyone had a stear on who near me would be good to contact.
  8. DSC2 Assessors near Lincoln

    Finally got round to registering for level 2 and I wondered if there were any recommendations for assessors in the Lincoln area. Plenty of ground to go at with a lot of deer so I'm hoping a couple of outings will be enough. Just looking for someone who's company is enjoyable. Thanks in...
  9. SD and ES - What numbers to aim for

    With regard to velocity for shooting 1000yds it really does depend on what bullet you are firing. I use a 142gr ABLR in my .260 and when it's cold ish circa 5 degrees it produces 2760 at the muzzle. When the temperature is warm say 20 degrees it moves up to 2850. This summer I've been pushing...
  10. Crawling with binoculars

    Not everyone's cup to tea but I have a KUIU harness which I find invaluable. It fits very well with no bounce or sag making then feel weightless. Far easier to keep the lenses clean and dry and no buggering about with lens caps. I'm sure there are other decent harnesses out there too.
  11. Chiller problem. Urgent!

    A very refreshing post to read. Well done
  12. For Sale: 6.5mm Bullets for Sale

    Nosler 120gr sold 142gr ABLR available there are exactly 260.
  13. Fox targets.... help.

    If you use mild steel @ 10mm the target won't even move you'll just have clean holes straight through.
  14. Fox targets.... help.

    10mm minimum AR500/Hardox. if you're shooting magnum rounds go for 15mm. I have gone through 10mm hardox at 100yds with 300WSM :rolleyes:. Bear in mind that fast rounds circa 3600fps upwards give the targets higher attrition rates than heavy slow rounds. If you've got the target at a sensible...
  15. For Sale: 6.5mm Bullets for Sale

    Nosler ABLR 6.5mm 142gr £68/100 posted approximately 260 available. Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting 6.5mm 120gr SOLD