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  1. Loss of accuracy after cleaning

    Can’t see anything wrong with either of the 2 groups in the pictures, or am I missing something??
  2. Hide tanning

    It begs the question how you know about that site ....?
  3. Hut Stove

    A fire pit ! Big circular metal one , dump a load of logs on it, warm and toasty!
  4. Vacuum packer

    One guy does sausages and burgers as well as steaks, diced, shanks, loin, and roasting joints etc, and cost varies according to weight of sausages/burgers . I think I paid about £40 ish last time with 20lb of sausages included. Another charges £40 to £50 depending on weight. It’s a few Bob to...
  5. Vacuum packer

    I generally take my deer to commercial butcher who does the whole job for me at a price! Occasionally I will butcher 3 or 4 a year myself, wouldn’t be more than that , so I’m thinking a couple of hundred quid is probably overkill....but then again, if the cheap ones don’t work it’s just a waste...
  6. Vacuum packer

    Anyone else any thoughts ??
  7. Vacuum packer

    Which model? There’s one for 140quid and one for 80 quid onthe website.
  8. Vacuum packer

    Ta Dan, that’s a fair few bob at £200 quid or so. Bit more than my budget ! Is there anything say £50 to £100 that’s worth looking at ??
  9. Vacuum packer

    Thanks Slider.
  10. Vacuum packer

    What’s best recommended vacuum packer machine ? Just want it for occasionally bagging up venison fir the freezer and avoiding freezer burn. anything to consider re bags , sealing, capacity etc ?? ta !
  11. Spartan Bipod, any users with feedback?

    lost mine this year, dropped in the woods, haven’t missed it one iota !
  12. Howa fills my freezer

    Nice write up !
  13. Sold: Sako 75 action iv 5 round magazine

    Second dibs if it falls through please