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    Ireland lead ban proposed

    I agree entirely. Perhaps though this is neither known nor understood by many, and the reaction seen is somewhat akin to when the news about GL was first released? With time I would like to think (hope) the voice of reason prevails....
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    Ireland lead ban proposed

    My understanding is that if anyone is concerned that their guns will withstand steel shot the only way for them to be certain is to have it tested? And the only place that would stand over the result of said testing would be a proof house? As I said, just my understanding of it.
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    Ireland lead ban proposed

    I think the point they are trying to make is that Birmingham or London are the closest proof houses, not that they have to be sent there?
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    Ireland lead ban proposed

    This isn’t just about wetlands though. It’s any land. And rivers/lakes etc as it includes lead used in fishing.....
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    Ireland lead ban proposed
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    Best hard case for rifle
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    Best hard case for rifle

    Or the complete other end of the scale if a peli will be over budget, try Decathlon!
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    What do you all do for practice?

    High heart rate? Walk around a tree and see a red dot on your chest.....
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    Ammo Wallet?

    Mine from Mel has just arrived. Very impressed. Excellent quality!
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    Lyme disease clinic

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    Synthetic stock make over

    Tired as in? Scratched, generally battered? Some pics might help?
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    beer bottling

    Forget bottles - get a corney keg or two....
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    Choose a good caption for this Picture

    General licence? Wot general licence?
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    Fiocchi brass split cases

    Are they all the same batch?