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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Decisions, decisions…New 308.. Bergara HMR + Mauser M12 + Sauer Keeper 🤔

    As mentioned above - I’ve not heard anything bad about the Bergara from folks who have one other than some quite old YouTube videos from folks who turn out to have an axe to grind.
  2. Decisions, decisions…New 308.. Bergara HMR + Mauser M12 + Sauer Keeper 🤔

    Having never held a Mauser or a Sauer I can’t comment. The Bergara HMR in .308 is a great bit of kit. Accurate straight out the box and excellent value for money. The fact that it’s essentially a Remington 700 with a Bergara Barrel means loads of options for ad ons or anything you wish to swap...
  3. The mentoring system

    I do, however, (sorry I’m a nightmare once I get typing) wholeheartedly agree that not every new idea or gadget improves the job and sometimes the exact opposite can be true. I’m just one of these folks that loves to learn and listen. Whether it’s shooting, deer or even a crazy subject like...
  4. The mentoring system

    I think it’s perhaps an attitude - and maybe one that’s drummed into people by the army as an example. And I’m not arguing your position really - you can take the phrase to mean anything you like! A few years ago I started driving for a Heavy Haulage company - prior to that I’d been on fridges...
  5. The mentoring system

    I guess everyone can take a different meaning of any phrase - from my point of view (and that of everyone I’ve ever met who used the phrase) “every days a school day” means there’s always something more to learn. Aside of the most arrogant of people - even the most educated or trained in any...
  6. The mentoring system

    Surely the idea of mentoring and the application and grant of a FAC should be two very separate things? There is clearly the legal position of whether or not someone is “fit” to hold a ticket - that should be entirely down to the Police on an official basis. Whether or not that person is then...
  7. Wanted: DSC1 near(ish) to Oban

    You’ll do for me. Cheers!
  8. Wanted: DSC1 near(ish) to Oban

    They’ve actually emailed me back today mate so hopefully get that squared away. Happy enough with everything? (Not asking for a public review just a general opinion!)
  9. Wanted: DSC1 near(ish) to Oban

    Probably a bit far but appreciate the idea and will certainly look into it if I can’t find anything locally.
  10. Wanted: DSC1 near(ish) to Oban

    Still looking if anyone has any further ideas? Cheers
  11. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 Animal

    Well..... that was quick..... think I made it too cheap.... and it sold for more as I advertised elsewhere at £5k..... I’m too kind.... 👀😂😂
  12. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 Animal

    £4750 OVNO Manual
  13. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 Animal

    Thick as mince..... typed it in the ad then moved where I’d typed it and then posted the original...... DOH!!!! 🙈🤦🏻😂😂
  14. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 Animal

    And some pics of the most noticeable knocks and bumps
  15. Sold: Mitsubishi L200 Animal

    More pics....
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