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  1. Vortex scopes

    Have got Vortex binos & rangefinder and cant fault them
  2. Roe Rut

    Was out last night with a friend near Selkirk. We seen 8 does two with young over the evening. He managed to call a doe with his buttolo to about 30 yards. Not long after this I managed to get a doe and two fawns to about 20 ft from me with the Nordik Call. Great evening however not a buck to be...
  3. still cant decide between these 3

    When I got my stalking gear together last year, I asked the same question to a very experienced friend. I ended up with a Swaro 6x42 and I am delighted wit it. Got it second hand for £250.00, perfect condition.
  4. USA purchase

    Hi, would recommend taking a look at Vortex stuff. Where in the states are you? I've bought stuff from Cameraland in New York in the past and they normally have a sale on at this time of year. I've got Vortex binos and a rangefinder, which I have to say I'm well impressed with.
  5. Roe Rut

    All I've seen in the Borders recently is does and fawns.
  6. What .270 ammo?

    I find Federal Power Shock 130 grain does me with my Remington 700
  7. disgusting display of safty

    Certainly doesn't look safe and when you view the other videos attached to this post it certainly makes you think of the possible consequences. When I first saw this thread I was intrigued as to what Safty was. I thought that a Safty was something that you got tablets from your GP for to hide...
  8. Wanted - Trigger for Remington 700

    Still looking for a trigger for my rifle if anyone has a rifle basix , jewell or timney trigger for sale would be keen to hear from you.
  9. 40mm or 50mm?

    Asked the same question myself when I was getting my kit together. I ended up with a Swarovski 6x42 and haven't looked back.
  10. Roe buck liver- strong taste

    Try soaking in milk overnight.
  11. Quality Trophy Roebuck checking his territory

    Great footage, what kind of camera did you use?
  12. Wanted - Rifle Basix Trigger for Remington 700

    Looking for a rifle basix trigger for my Remington 700. I believe its the L-1K model that I'm looking for.
  13. Rifle Basix Trigger for Remington 700?

    Having read a number of threads and websites about replacement triggers for Remington 700's, I'm considering getting a Rifle Basix trigger. Can I ask what experience anyone has with them as they are considerably cheaper than Jewell, which seems to get great press. I'd appreciate your thoughts...
  14. Reworking Remington 700 trigger

    Looking for advice from anyone that has had work done on their Remington 700 trigger. I've read a lot about replacement triggers and some articles about having the trigger worked on by a gunsmith. I'd appreciate any advice, what sort of cost is involved and any suggestions as to who could do the...