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  • Hi Dan
    I know you mentioned getting a 7mm08 recently! if you check out the forum Sako75/jim is selling his nearly new x bolt in that calibre for £700 including a nice mod and rail. well worth a look. He also shoots at calton moor so you may be able to try before buying.
    Hi Dan.
    Forgot to say the salt licks you can buy from bushwear etc dont work as well as the home made ones I told you about.
    If you decide to make a salt lick just give me a ring if you need any help.
    Can you pm me with a list of bullet heads you have left, (have got a .223 and a 6mm rem) I am about to start reloading so dont mind a mix, it will give me chance to experiment a bit!! Also office is in new mills so would be able to do a f2f.
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