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    • Blackthorn2 reacted to jall55's post in the thread Lamping Foxes with Like Like.
      Oh dear SD ! Like to say we have all done that - but i havent hahahaha I have however shot one forgot to reload and had another come...
    • Blackthorn2 reacted to Foxyboy43's post in the thread Digital scopes with Like Like.
      Again another screenshot from a video - just at dawn - shot at 327 yards with 008P. 🦊🦊
    • Blackthorn2 reacted to jall55's post in the thread Foxes, my secret ally? with Like Like.
      Its a chicken and egg scenario There wont be many ground nesting birds if the foxes are not controlled
    • Blackthorn2 reacted to triggertrix's post in the thread Which .22lr ? with Like Like.
      They’ll be illegal to use so that’s sort of recommending breaching regulations. Good thing about 22lr is the subs, won’t work with...
    • Blackthorn2 reacted to bowji john's post in the thread Which .22lr ? with Like Like.
      For plinking I’d choose Cz R8 Vudoo Anshutz Etc etc etc For bunny head shots at 120m I’d choose… The same There really isn’t a bad...
    • Blackthorn2 replied to the thread Howa 1500.
      own one and I haven’t had any complaints from the foxes. nice accurate rifle
    • Blackthorn2 reacted to Sonicdmb73's post in the thread Anything extra I can do for FAC with Like Like.
      My FEO has accepted one brew in multiple visits. I believe he has to make a note, due to the anti corruption laws/policies. My mate...
    • Blackthorn2 posted the thread Hi in Introductions.
      I am from the West Midlands I shoot shotgun and rifle i also go beating, up to 3 years ago I used to be a keen ferreter, hopefully have...
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