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  1. Sold: Sauer Spartan bipod adapter

    Sold to 404shooter pending payment
  2. Sold: Sauer Spartan bipod adapter

    Not sure, how do i tell the difference?
  3. Sold: Sauer Spartan bipod adapter

    For sale is a Spartan bipod adapter for a Sauer, this come with a second hand bipod I bought but no use to me, Will include a dirt plug, £60 Inc postage
  4. Sold: Starlight Archer night vision

    Starlight Archer night vision complete with bayonet, dragonfly IR and mount, Complete with charger in original box Clean lense, owned from new had very little use, XD4 gen 3 Tube £1100 ono Inc postage PM me a number for more details and photos,
  5. For Sale: Mauser MO3 6.5x55 rifle and 375 H&H barrel

    For sale Mauser MO3 6.5x55 rifle in synthetic stock, factory threaded semi weight barrel, fired approx 100no rounds, also includes a set of Mauser 30mm QR 1 piece mount, and 1 mag, £1995 ono in rfd transfer, Also available is a 375 H&H barrel, magnum bolt head and 2no mags Fired approx 20no...
  6. Sold: Hawke Vantage .17 HMR 4-16x50 AO IR - £102

    Sent you a PM
  7. Wanted: Blaser R93 Stock

    looking for a Blaser R93 stock complete with metal work - trigger Bolt head and slide not required please PM with what you have for sale,
  8. For Sale: Bushwear High Seat

    I will have this if is still available?
  9. For Sale: Sauer 202 222/223 magazine

    Hi Did this sell?

    Hi can you send me some pics of the mounts please, looking for a second set so I can switch scopes, would like to make sure they are the same as the set I already have
  11. Mcmillan spacer system and recoil pad help needed

    only reason I said about Mcmillan I have 2 stocks the same, one has the Mcmillan which is nice to use the other has a horrible cheap fully adjustable one that doesn't stay tight, Thanks DVS1 for the links I will look into them
  12. Mcmillan spacer system and recoil pad help needed

    Hi gavhowe, could you measure your A5 to see how they compare please, if sold individually I am after the but pad, I think I have enough spacers,
  13. Mcmillan spacer system and recoil pad help needed

    Can someone help me please? I have contacted McMillan but had no reply, looking to buy one of the above but need to identify which model this is from as its not fitted to a McMillan stock, hoping someone can measure there's and tell me the model they have, the width measures 38mm
  14. Wanted: Spartan Davos Head

    sent you a PM
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