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  1. The stalking directory - 1967spud xmas competition

    Merry Christmas Bob
  2. To clean or not to clean ?

    watch this guy's video, he gives, in detail, the how, why and when, he also has other video's which have a lot of good info. Enjoy!
  3. Open letter from an Englishman to all Scots

    This was sent to me by an English friend and I believe a lot of people echo these feelings. An open letter to the Scots. Dear Friends, There has been much argument about currency, defence, oil reserves, the NHS and the EU in the Great Debate. I have nothing to say about...
  4. Bore care & cleaning

    For good general guidance have a look at YouTube GunBlue490 on both 'gun cleaning and solvents', 'How to clean your rifle professionally' and 'How to oil and lubricate your gun' These take about 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 14 minutes apiece but he explains what to use, why and how to do it. Even...
  5. (yet another) Broken Freelander!

    I found out the hard way. The ird unit (intermediary reduction unit) is attached to the transmission and shares out the drive to the front and rear wheels via the drive-shafts and the prop-shaft respectively. The prop-shaft is split into two (the front and rear) by the vcu or viscous coupling...
  6. A little market research

    I think the site is good as it is and one point to consider is "if it's not broke don't fix it." However if it improved the site then it may be worth it. It depends what you get for your money. Apart from being a members area for members we don't know what will go on in that area so hard to...
  7. Australian alternative to ferreting rabbits, Would you do this?

    Interesting, I've done many things but I'd rather watch this than do it myself. Anybody else on here prepared to give it a go? Bob
  8. One of the best Youtube StalkingNZ Films

    Lots of factors to be taken into account. Have a look
  9. One of the best Youtube StalkingNZ Films

    Have a look here No costs mentioned but only had a quick look. Bob
  10. One of the best Youtube StalkingNZ Films

    Hi Wayne, I've only shot North Island and the top half of South Island and permits have been free. If using one of the huts then there is a small charge for them and you may have to book for popular huts at busy times of the year. No charge for camping out but generally you have to stay a...
  11. One of the best Youtube StalkingNZ Films

    You don't have to buy a permit, you just ask for one. If you have your visitors firearms certificate they give it to you for free in the vast majority of cases. Bear in mind that as it is public access there are areas where, due to pressure, there are few deer, others it may require a 1 or 2 day...
  12. 308 bullet weight & choice for red deer!

    Have a look at this site lots of info there, both for factory and reloaded ammunition.
  13. Adjustable cheek peice conversion

    Have a look at this link, looks good but haven't tried it myself yet. Bob
  14. Please sign SAS man jailed

  15. Riflescope myths

    Just came across this article, interesting read. Bob