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  1. For Sale: Die Set .308

    do you still have the 223 dies
  2. Sold: schmidt and bender PM11 3-12 X 50

    scope for sale 3-12 x50 PM11 in excellent condition , very (i do mean very) slight signs of use surplus to requirements now P3 reticule (mildot) double turn turret goes to 55 minutes of angle not been on a rifle for the last year mounts and scope cap included £1100
  3. Trip out

  4. For Sale: photon RT 6x50s

    photon RT 6 x 50S been on my 17hmr for 12 months only been out of cabinet 5 times great condition everything as it came in the box , mounts not included £400
  5. The reason we stalk

    Had a mate over for the weekend stalking and I chose to not take a rifle much to his annoyance went out sat eve and decided on a rarely used high seat due to the unusual wind direction. From before we got to the seat there were deer all evening we had deer in view although the bucks Wouldn’t...
  6. For Sale: mossberg .410 hushpower

    mossberg .410 hushpower wooden stocked one , just don't use it anymore £350 collected or you pay RFD
  7. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    I've done it now Luv , Oh sorry I thought it was the wife
  8. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    to those who didn't care that I called them bullet heads cause they knew what I was selling anyway, congratulations on your common sense to those who delighted in highlighting what they (wrongly) saw as an error on my part , please get a life cause no one really cares have a merry xmas and try...
  9. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    SOLD my bullet HEADS
  10. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    neck tension me!! as if
  11. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    oooh look 3 meplats
  12. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    strange but when I go onto the reloading page of Henry Krank to look for gear he too is advertising 'bullet heads' I guess he doesn't give a toss either
  13. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    what did I do??
  14. Sold: .22 cal bullet heads

    500 Hornady .224 52 gr BTHP 100 50 gr vmax moly coated £100
  15. For Sale: mossberg hushpower .401

Leica Amplus 6