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  1. Moderator for a 6.5x55

    MAE brushless - MAE Moderator – T12 SCOUT | MAE Moderators. Use mine on a 6.5x47 Lapua - works really well. Noticeable more quiet than my other mod (Lawrence Precision). MAE Moderator – T12 SCOUT | MAE Moderators
  2. How to torque scope mounts

    This link might help: Screw Tightening Torque Values in Riflescope Mounting - Optics Trade Blog
  3. Peregrine monolithic

    I note @caberslash post above - a great resource! Recognise that this is slightly off-topic - but there is a truck load of factory lead-free ammunition being produced and used in the field in Germany (and other EU countries). I am booked for a driven boar hunt in Germany later this year and...
  4. Blaser R8

    Ask yourself what are your shooting parameters? I started with an R8 Professional in 6.5x55 over 10 years ago to stalk deer in lowlands locations but wanted the flexibility of having the same set-up for different applications. I had the budget for one with great optics. Now I also have...
  5. Hunting in Europe and travelling by car. Firearms Permits

    Is that because it is already definitely answered (if so I will re-read) or because there is still no clarity ??
  6. Hunting in Europe and travelling by car. Firearms Permits

    Received an invitation to participate in a German driven boar hunt near to Berlin. The German visitor permit side is not a big deal (according to my hosts). Any new information on the Great Britain export licence requirements? Or is it an issue still to be resolved. Any assistance would be...
  7. WHO and Government Vaccine Narrative I'm Confused

    The claims are only against one vaccine, not all vaccines. That vaccine is proving highly effective based on the UK data. Vaccination and wearing face masks safes lives. But no likes having to be locked down to be fair. The allegation has already been largely dispelled today by the EU's...
  8. 6.5 Swede Vs 260Rem Vs 6.5 Creedmore

    A very American perspective. More manufacturers (e.g. Sako, Tikka) are producing the Swede with 1:8 twist rates to handle heavy for calibre bullets. They are modern actions and can handle the same pressures as their Creedmore equivalents. The cartridge design is improved but given the age gap...
  9. 6.5 Swede Vs 260Rem Vs 6.5 Creedmore

    I have a Swede in a modern action and reload. There is more than enough factory ammo choice in the UK and if not reload. Ballistically there is not a lot in them over the same ranges with same bullet weights and targeting the same game when you convert each to metric: 6.5x55 vs 6.5CM aka...
  10. Stalking locked down?

    FWIW BDS' view is recreational is non-essential
  11. Avoiding Confrontations

    Maybe you should all cut and paste this letter below to Boris and your local MP in response to his creation of a new office: Britain will have toughest trophy hunting rules in the world as Government announces ban of 'morally indefensible' act I would also suggest adding that any such...
  12. Sporting Rifle Shoot – Sunday 8th September 2019

    Would like to attend but not a good day - have to coach my son's rugby team during the morning and my daughter birthday party in the afternoon. Hope to make the LR events later in the month.
  13. 30-06 or 300 win mag

    I have a 6.5x55 and .300WM. For shooting running boar, WM with an effective muzzle break is well tamed. Probably over kill for UK deer unless at v. long hunting distances. Ultimately, the best choice will be the one you make!
  14. Which 6.5?

    6.5x55 for all species of UK deer, boar and at shorter ranges moose and elk. Also for target shooting. 6.5CM same as above but designed for short action BR shooting - and to make lots of money for Hornady. Competes in some ways with 6.5x47L 260 REM - roughly the same as the two above...
  15. Spartan Sentinel Tripod system

    Javelin's New Sentinel System I just ordered the Woodman's edition of the new Javelin Sentinel tripod/bipod/unipod system. They now offer three different lengths of adjustable legs - for open terrain, mountain and range use. Legs can be unscrewed and used as hiking poles. The head has changed...
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