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  1. Stalking locked down?

    FWIW BDS' view is recreational is non-essential
  2. Avoiding Confrontations

    Maybe you should all cut and paste this letter below to Boris and your local MP in response to his creation of a new office: Britain will have toughest trophy hunting rules in the world as Government announces ban of 'morally indefensible' act I would also suggest adding that any such...
  3. Sporting Rifle Shoot – Sunday 8th September 2019

    Would like to attend but not a good day - have to coach my son's rugby team during the morning and my daughter birthday party in the afternoon. Hope to make the LR events later in the month.
  4. 30-06 or 300 win mag

    I have a 6.5x55 and .300WM. For shooting running boar, WM with an effective muzzle break is well tamed. Probably over kill for UK deer unless at v. long hunting distances. Ultimately, the best choice will be the one you make!
  5. Which 6.5?

    6.5x55 for all species of UK deer, boar and at shorter ranges moose and elk. Also for target shooting. 6.5CM same as above but designed for short action BR shooting - and to make lots of money for Hornady. Competes in some ways with 6.5x47L 260 REM - roughly the same as the two above...
  6. Spartan Sentinel Tripod system

    Javelin's New Sentinel System I just ordered the Woodman's edition of the new Javelin Sentinel tripod/bipod/unipod system. They now offer three different lengths of adjustable legs - for open terrain, mountain and range use. Legs can be unscrewed and used as hiking poles. The head has changed...
  7. Sold: Beretta DWS Gortex Optifade Jacket (XXL) and Trousers (XL)

    Price drop £10 on each item.... It is getting colder and wetter :-)
  8. Sold: Shooting Sticks - Knobloch, Vanguard, Bog-Pod

    Vanguard sticks now sold - 1 to go!
  9. Sold: Shooting Sticks - Knobloch, Vanguard, Bog-Pod

    Knoblock sticks sold - 2 more to go!
  10. Sold: Beretta DWS Gortex Optifade Jacket (XXL) and Trousers (XL)

    The two following items are for sale - both in excellent condition with no rips or tears. Have seen light use. Dry, warm and silent for long winter evenings or nights in tree stands or hides. Equally comfortable and quiet when walking/stalking. I have reduced weight and now surplus to...
  11. Sold: Shooting Sticks - Knobloch, Vanguard, Bog-Pod

    I have the 3 following monopod, bipod and/or tripod shooting sticks for sale. All lightly used and in excellent condition. Only 1 item left: 3. Bog-Pod HD3 Tall Tripod with carry bag, yoke & PCA £120+postage Comes with Professional Camera Accessory head (for spotting scope or camera). Has...
  12. Speculative questions about long range centrefire

    Edit - wrote this before reading Laurie's post above Some thoughts: LR projects products You can find him YouTube but his Long Range Shooting from Scratch is a good start. Precision Rifle Shooting has a Bolt Gun Production division which is intended for a regular guy to compete in. They are...
  13. Club/Range somewhere between Oxford and Southampton (...Bisley?)

    Send HME on this site a PM - he runs Corinium Rifle Range and has HO approved club Great outfit and excellent facilities