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  1. Best time of day to call roe in the rut?

    What is the collective SD wisdom? I have usually practiced the usual dawn and dusk but have heard, I think from Richard Prior, that any time of day is possible. Thoughts please? I am guessing that alot of the time it is also dependent on how much general public interaction on your permissions is...
  2. 6.5CM Load Testing. Help with Analysis Please !

    3 shot groups :rofl: Sorry mate, couldn't resist it.
  3. .308 Barnes TSX 130g for boar

    I would think it would be fine as long as there are no minimum bullet weight restrictions. 130TTSX vs 165 grain Oryx in 308 win flavour. Shot into water filled Aspen cans @ 100m.
  4. Why the countryside can’t operate under Packham’s flag of peace

    Has there ever been any apologies for false accusations when previously missing birds of prey have turned up or found to have died of natural causes? Note that no birds of prey die of natural causes anymore, conspiracy theory anyone? And always just before a game season opening...... Packham and...
  5. First Boar

    Quality stuff, can't count the amount of gates I used to see "hinged" with baler twine :rofl:
  6. Is 0300 hours too early for a chainsaw?

    Over here week days from 7am is ok. Weekends from 9am. We have had complaints from people that work night shift but as I pointed out that isn't my problem and MOST people don't, so shut the windows and put in some ear plugs :)
  7. First Boar

    Nice pig. Glad to see the baler twine being put to good use :thumb:
  8. sako stock fit

    My foxy 17 Rem with McM Sako Varmint stock.
  9. Wanted: Border Terrier

    Great choice. A real wolf in sheeps clothing or put another way big dog in small dog body. Love mine. He tryed to take down an elk heifer :rofl: Also zero problem around other dogs and great with kids.
  10. Available: Free stalk on red deer

    Very generous. SD at it's best :thumb:
  11. Keiths High Seats

    People over here didn't use to believe me about all the thieving that goes on in the UK.
  12. For Sale: McMillan stock rem 700

    Looks like a McHale.
  13. Can somebody ID this tree?

    The leaves look prunus and the fruit malus. It also looks ornamental so I'll go with ornamental apple cherry :doh:
  14. Lead or not...does anyone think it'll change these foolish opinions?

    But were the remains grisly?
  15. Roughly how many Deer do you shoot a year?

    Less than 5 generally :(