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  1. Vhit N160 max load with 143gr ELDX in Creedmoor please.

    Does this help? Cheers J Or this Remember QL (or any of the predictive systems) is the equivalent of a SWAG (Scientific Wild Arsed Guess) Can't beat the Mk one eyeball and real life obs J PS - bring it over and we can put the magneto on it and do some testing
  2. Worst calibre

    I can't say I dislike any calibre However one I'd probably never get - 243
  3. Bullet Drop Very Different To Calculator

    No substitute for ‘dope’ unless you are having to extrapolate to distances for which you can’t build info empirically This morning I was shooting out to about 200m with my Cz 452. The Kestral was miles out - both for vertical and wind Now I expect wind calls to be difficult- they just are...
  4. Shooting/range mat

    I too looked at range mats some time ago I couldn't bring myself to pay for a fancy ground sheet I've used an old therm-A-rest (that no longer inflates) for years - perhaps not perfect but it keeps me off the wet ground I make sure that the bipod legs are on the ground though rather than the...
  5. In My Blood

    After basic training I was sent to ride shotgun for vehicle convoys (amongst other duties). We worked occasionally with, and along side, guys from a local PATU unit. I remember them as local farmers with a no nonsense knowledge of their patch, the bush and tracking
  6. In My Blood

    PATU - Police anti terrorist unit
  7. AI AT-X Rifle

    I have not got an answer to that one yet Ballpark figure is between £4000 and £5000 As I already have a good quality MPA competition chassis, I'm giving considerable thought to a custom action and barrel based upon a Bighorn TL3 action which is also a switch barrel option and possibly a damn...
  8. AI AT-X Rifle

    Yes - I suspect @MarinePMI has a much better chance of seeing one than do I
  9. AI AT-X Rifle

    I've my name down for one I hear that they will be available in 'May' As in 'may' be available in the future but don't hold yer breath
  10. Copper kills what calibres

    Depends upon whether the target shooting industry gets sucked into this ban If it is, then precision shooting and the ammo it uses will struggle to survive If it is granted a reprieve, then ammo like .22LR will continue in its current form I fear that if forced to adopt alternative materials...
  11. New In Cornwall

    Can I ask when you submitted your variation? I’m awaiting one also - sent about 5 weeks ago Cheers John
  12. Sold: redding deluxe 6.5 creedmoor die set

    Yes please PM inbound shortly J
  13. New In Cornwall

    Wadebridge area
  14. New In Cornwall

    Welcome- I too am in Cornwall Nothing wrong with sepia- I’ve got one of me and some of the boys from 4 indep Complete with short shorts and knobbly knees
  15. Anyone use a .375H&H or larger on UK species?

    Thanks for that I believe I now have a new venue- it just requires some certainty in lock downs etc to enable us to make some definite plans 👍
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