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  1. psychiatrist ?

    I am really sorry for your loss, Jimmy. Kindest regards, Carl
  2. psychiatrist ?

    BASC already have a scheme like this in place, don't they David?
  3. Anyone tried a new defender?

    I have no idea of the prices of any of them or if people are quoting the right numbers. However, they all attract VAT. To suggest otherwise is incorrect. Similarly, this statement is incomplete: Only VAT-registered businesses may off-set the VAT. On the matter of people committing revenue...
  4. Anyone tried a new defender?

    Creedmoor and a Hilux, eh...? :-| I guess that allows you to identify as "bi-curious," Dave...:p
  5. Anyone tried a new defender?

    I'm afraid that's incorrect. Both new vehicles attract VAT: it's just that commercials tend to be priced as 'plus VAT' and domestic as 'including VAT'.
  6. Tungsten shot as an alternative to lead?

    Not in shot form. It is a tungsten powder bonded within a polymer matrix. Same malleability as lead shot.
  7. Any log burner fitters out there? Technical query/issue

    Old creosote (rather than soot) being heated by the liner.
  8. psychiatrist ?

    PS @Jamouk : let me know if I can do anything to help. I am no psychiatrist but I care a great deal about the issue following my sister's suicide last year. The fact that many shooters deny themselves professional support, for fear of losing their certificates, is a great concern. Kind regards...
  9. psychiatrist ?

    This all went south quickly... :lol:
  10. Kwikfit rant....

    A missed opportunity, Jimmy. Shoulda got yer disks and pads done while you were in...
  11. Selling /buying of brass

    Unless one knows the source (or can see factory primers), I always assume that the 'once-fired' bit is untrue.
  12. My sons first days ferreting

    As soon as BASC have got shooting banned, I'm going straight back to poaching with nets, traps, dogs, and snares. I can't wait, Tim!
  13. My sons first days ferreting

    Lovely write-up. Thank you, @rah7265. Ferreting (often unlawfully, I am ashamed to say) as a young boy was my own introduction to fieldsports. Your tale brought back great memories. Kind regards, Carl
  14. Are we heading for another "Full Lock Down"?

    It makes one think of ergot-poisoning in Salem.