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  1. Bushwear Economy Mincer - BushWear HELP

    Was in the same position as you a few months ago. Finally decided on one of Andrew James' grinders. Currently they're £79.95 on their website Prompt delivery, very well made in stainless steel, easy to strip and clean. Made fast...
  2. help with defender engine please

    300tdi every time - reliable, economic (relatively speaking), drops straight in, plenty of spares around. Personally I'd avoid Japanese exotics and adapter plates!
  3. Thread cutting - what size?

    Thanks Gents :)
  4. Thread cutting - what size?

    Morning All I have a BSA Monarch 2nd pattern in .270 Win in it's original state i.e. not screw cut. I'm considering having a moderator fitted in the near future. My question is what size thread should I go for? I realise that there is no standard size but that I may change the rifle in...
  5. iPhone apps

    I use the standard Ballistic for iPhone and iPad. Didn't see the point in paying double for the FTE as I won't be mounting the phone to the rifle! An excellent piece of software I use weekly, from idly wondering about new calibres on Gun Trader to settling ballistic arguments now and then -...
  6. 7mm Rem Mag - too much gun?

    Thanks for the replies all. Think I'll give this one a miss for now.
  7. 7mm Rem Mag - too much gun?

    Hi all Thoughts please - I have chance of a cheap X Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag. Looking at the ballistics I'm coming to the conclusion that it a bit too much for smaller species, specifically Roe. A lot of my shooting is hill reds and mixed ground Sika. I do occasionally get chance of woodland...
  8. 4x4 Insurance -

    +1 for Adrian Flux, used them for years and they've always been very competitive and helpful.
  9. Its can of worms time.

    Just bought a full set of Nomad UK Stealth Tweed - the Hooded Smock and Stalking Salopette. Been out in torrential rain this past few weeks with no leaks whatsoever. Quiet, comfortable, non-camo - ideal for my purposes. I know they're out of your budget brand new, but they may come up second...
  10. Dsc1 training manual and dvd?????

    Hi Brian A couple of points... If you buy the BDS Ultimate Deer Data CD it has the manual on it in pdf form. If you book your Level1 through BDS they will assume you need a manual, which is included in the price. I bought the manual before the course and Cheryl at BDS kindly reduced the...
  11. BDS DSC1 Ilkley 7-10 July

    Cheers Matt, you too ;)
  12. BDS DSC1 Ilkley 7-10 July

    All good thanks Yorkie. Despite the odd minor drama I managed to pass. Very impressed with Vince & Robert, very knowledgeable and funny. Some good lads on the course, had a good laugh in the process. Don't forget, if you're not sure about what to do with a suspect carcass - sausages or feed it...
  13. BDS DSC1 Ilkley 7-10 July

    Details as per title, any forum members attending?
  14. Quality binocular harness

    Found an Allen second hand on the bay of E, generic kit re-badged to a few other firms. Cost me £11 delivered and it's spot on - very adjustable and comfortable. Holds my Zeiss 8x45RF's in close with no bouncing then easy to use when you need to.
  15. Binoculars - what magnification?

    8x45 RF - good compromise between magnification and steadiness when hand held.