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  1. For Sale: Kawasaki KVF 650

    Hi can you confirm if it’s road reg?
  2. Available: Duck/partridge day 19th sep

    Day now gone. ( subject to bloke turning up😂😂)
  3. Available: Duck/partridge day 19th sep

    Evening all. I have a spare gun available for sat, it’s a 75 bird day standing 7 guns. Predominantly duck with 2/3 partridge drives. Cost is £140 for the day plus £10/20 beaters fee. Priority will be for current or ex forces/ emergency service workers. You must hold a Shotgun cert and insurance...
  4. Is it ever acceptable to question an advertised price?

    Which is a gentlemen like thing to do, but do you really see a need for 20 bumps of the ssame relatively sort after item when it’s just obviously overpriced and filling up the news feeds, I suppose one ad maybe isn’t that bigger issue but when it’s 10 or more ads it’s a joke
  5. Is it ever acceptable to question an advertised price?

    and I do agree (partly) live and let live and all that. But when I load the what’s new section to see the same post bumped for the 4th time that week it really starts to get tedious.
  6. Is it ever acceptable to question an advertised price?

    Morning all hope everyone is well. I drop onto the site and normally just flick through the ‘what’s new’ section unless looking for a specific topic. I find it increasingly annoying when it’s the same advert for weeks on end constantly bumped. I appreciate some items are bargains and am amazed...
  7. A bountiful harvest.

    Finally got round to doing some stalking tonight, I shot a nice 7 point roe but that was not the amazing bit. The fruit trees are absolutely dripping with fruit, the blackberry bushes are full of the best fruit Iv ever seen, the damsons are a blue carpet on the floor and the sloes are literally...
  8. Rifle range/tuition

    Cheers for all the input folks I think I have got sorted with exactly what I was looking for but il update to let you know how it pans out. CC
  9. Rifle range/tuition

    Yeah that would be perfect another lever has messaged me another contact so hoping to try get something out together. Just let me know your plan. Cheers CC
  10. Rifle range/tuition

    Afternoon all. I recently purchased a 6.5 creed (no comments pls🤣) and feel the gun is far better and I am a marksman. I wondered if anybody did 1-1 rifle tuition outside of joining a club. I have my own ground to practice but would be interested in some pointers to achieve more from the gun...
  11. Protecting the future

    Better man than me I struggle to get round 3 farms I have and 40 acres at home. In fact I had a lad from here bunny bashing for me at home as the missus complained they were digging holes😂. 40+ farms is some serious work, fair play to you.
  12. Protecting the future

    That’s fair enough and I completely understand your position and the kick in the plums it must be, to have that done to me. I’m in a fortunate position where we does a good amount of business with 2 farms where I shoot so unfortunately for some I think they would get laughed at if they turned...
  13. Protecting the future

    Yeah it’s a horrible reality unfortunately, i haven’t had it happen to me but it’s a very real risk, at this point I’m still doing it as someone gave me a leg up but ground jumping is a vile thing I’d give up my missus before I’d let me ground go🤣😭
  14. Protecting the future

    Completely agree Malc and I’m not insinuating otherwise it’s just a plea to anyone who could offer to help and maybe has never considered it or worries about the safety/legal obligations. The enjoyment a newbie gets it’s something you are fully aware of and to be honest I get more pleasure from...
  15. Protecting the future

    Morning all. Hope everyone is well and managing to get out abit now. I am a relatively new stalker compared to some and have only been stalking 5 yrs but have had some very lucky breaks permission wise. I don’t have huge amounts of land but manage to harvest what is enough meat for myself and...