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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. M595 Mcmillan A3-5

    Id see what the gunsmith can do. The sides from the safety catch backwards can be shaped to follow the profile of your action. You'll be amazed what a little bit of shaping plus filler and paint can do.
  2. M595 Mcmillan A3-5

    Does it fit well otherwise?
  3. M595 Mcmillan A3-5

    Looks like they should have rounded the exit channel at the rear of the stock more to suit the action, rather than what they have done by just just creating an easy to machine square channel.
  4. M595 Mcmillan A3-5

    Yea thats not the right shape at the rear at all
  5. Passing it forward

    Once again well done for doing such a nice thing, and congratulations to the very lucky winner
  6. Passing it forward

    Who was the lucky chap/gal then?
  7. Free: Debate

    Have bought a fair few things on here lately. Dont see there being an issue asking if there is anything to be had off of an item especially when stated ono. Even if not no harm in asking. I'd expect nothing but the same in return. Its all part of the game. Just bought a rifle from a fellow...
  8. Sold: 223 setup

    All sorted now thanks
  9. Sold: German gun shop stock T3/T3X

    What are these made from? Is it fully composite or wood thats then been coated?
  10. Sold: German gun shop stock T3/T3X

    The 308 mag doesnt suit the 223 unfortunately.
  11. Sold: German gun shop stock T3/T3X

    Ok. Does it come with a mag, and if so what calibre is it for? I have a t3x in 223 that I'm looking to re-stock
  12. Sold: German gun shop stock T3/T3X

    Did u manage to fit the atlas bottom metal to the stock or has this yet to be inletted to suit?
  13. .243 tikka

    Yes agree on the box magazine it could get in the way, but only if you are not used to your rifle. At 16st I don't feel the weight of a rifle like the CTR. Granted I've only known heavier rifles and appreciate it may be of concern to someone of a lighter nature. I may just not be ready to go...
  14. .243 tikka

    Not wanting to argue or go into some of the absurd politics of highland stalking, but a CTR weighs all of 300 grams more than the tikka laminate in stainless, and I'm sure that's not even the varmint barrel.
  15. .243 tikka

    Why would you be asked to carry your own rifle if it was a CTR? You dont have to have it fully loaded with 10 rounds either.
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