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  • hi Tony

    Thanks for the response.

    hope the funeral goes as well as it can.

    Ref the other look forward to any suggestions laters


    hi Tony

    Hope your well.

    Couple of things!!!

    Firstly I had an email from our new pc for the had scheme a month or so ago. I replied to his email and haven't heard a thing since. Have you seen any follow ups????

    The other request is a difficult one!!!

    I've just completed my Dsc2 and am looking for some stalking a bit nearer home then my current permission. Do you have any contacts or advice on how I may succeed in my quest.

    I'm not well known in my local area so haven't a clue on how to gain some more stalking in our local area. I appreciate you may not be able to help, but anything you can suggest will help.

    Many thanks

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