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  1. Wanted: Farm quad

    Still looking.....
  2. Hare coursers

    Good to hear, things went in your favour eventually. I shoot for a guy with an orchard just down the road and we have had the misfortune to come up against some 'dogmen' with no regard for anything except their 'sport'. Last year he called me 9 am on a Saturday to tell me he had just been sat...
  3. Sold: Caping knife by Harry Boden

    No worries, sent via pm.
  4. Sold: Caping knife by Harry Boden

    Hi mate, messages coming through sporadically, all paid, please let me know you have received and when you need shipping details. Thanks again
  5. Fallow Rut

    Watched 2 decent bucks having a right set to middle of last week, the victor spent the next half an hour chasing does all over before taking them off Into the woods. Few half hearted grunts heard in the distance. Definitely didn't see the usual fortnight of full on rutting activity on my patch...
  6. Wanted: Farm quad

    Looking for a farm quad, close to East Sussex if possible. 4wd preferred, anything considered. Doesn't need to be pretty, just reliable. Thanks
  7. Sold: DT single dog box

    Any takers at £180?
  8. Sold: DT single dog box

    Sorry missed out the most important thing.... £200
  9. Sold: DT single dog box

    Any interest in single DT box as pictured. Really good condition. Good thing about the DT boxes is they clean up like new due to the robust plastic they are made out of. Can be hosed out , jet washed and so on. 2 keys. Would suit spaniel, got a bit snug for my Bavarian hence sale. Any questions...
  10. Wanted: Lintran double dog box

    Very nice, think the shipping costs might kill it though. Thanks still one to consider
  11. Wanted: Lintran double dog box

    Looking for one of the bigger lintran boxes in East Sussex. Doesn’t need to be fancy but ideally lockable. Thanks
  12. Wanted: Ranger or D-max

    Is the ranger plated for 3.5 ton?
  13. Wanted: Ranger or D-max

    Adequate I think, but just not capable of the 3.5ton that the 2.5 turbo is.... depends what you are towing I suppose!
  14. Wanted: Ranger or D-max

    To be honest the Isuzu is my preference.... not been that successful in finding one!
  15. Wanted: Ranger or D-max

    Looking for a ranger or D-max, close to south east as possible. 2010 onwards, nothing mega high mileage! If anyone has or knows of one more info would be appreciated. Many thanks.
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