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  1. Family photo, Good or Bad ?

    Given the fact there was a mass shooting in a school the other day I think it is very distasteful to the families of those who were murdered.
  2. Spot the mask !!!!

    Of course there is those factors as well but we shouldn't add any more people into hospital beds by somthing that can be avoidable or at least lessen the risk of it. Over here there is an average of 1500 people a day testing positive for covid of course not all will go on to need hospital...
  3. Spot the mask !!!!

    Very unsurprising given the self centred entitled society we live in.
  4. Spot the mask !!!!

    Because if they get sick from covid and end up in hospital and then you or your loved one get sick from somthing else and they can't get a bed in hospital or they end up waiting days prehaps in A&E waiting for a bed to become free.
  5. Omicron

    They keep saying with every variant it's more infectious, how much more infectious can it get? I don't think lockdowns are the way to go as the past year etc has shown. I'm not a covid denier only a fool would be but personal responsibility and common sense goes a long way in this.
  6. Grumpy Kalahari.

    Unfortunately doesn't surprise me. Next time maybe leave them too big to handle to you get back again? Some people just can't help themselves 😒
  7. Speeding ticket revenue

    While at the less serious side of things in reality the consequences of the speed or other road traffic offences can and does have major impacts on people lives if things go wrong because of the said offence. Be that limb changing or fatal if you can reduce the number of people committing these...
  8. Speeding ticket revenue

    I think the standered of driving on our roads seems to be getting worse as the years go on. I think there isn't enough enforcement going by the daily dangerous acts going on!
  9. Putting a face to a name

    Guys be very careful what you post especially any information that could identify you. Especially your photo! Be under no illusions there are people out there who won't think twice of targeting you. I'm not talking about antis. Most of you are holding sought after items that people in certain...
  10. Any tips and advice for becoming a estate gardener ?

    I fully agree with this stick with the Council you will be much better off in the long run with your pension and sick pay etc. Not to mention promotions.
  11. are you happily in your employment?

    It's like anything there are some good jobs some bad I think the biggest things that can make or break a Job is the people you work with/for. My current job is fantastic everybody gets on very well. Some previous jobs it's felt like going to prison every day!
  12. Electrician Prices recently

  13. Help with chicken sex.

    Looks like a hen to me the wattles are quite small to be a rooster.
  14. .22lr CCI Quiet

    They are noticeabley quieter than even a standard sub sonic, especially with a moderator. They a more than acceptable accuracy wise out to 50 yards out of my cz 16 inch barrel.
  15. Torch type lamp

    I got a gun mounted cree style lamp from A1 decoy for around £90 it's not bad for the money you can switch the bulbs for different colours the red and white came with mine.
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