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  • csl,

    my records states that SD received payment for trade membership, accordantly to sikaml not, can you confirm this please?
    Hi Alex,
    sorry to be a pain again!Is it possible to edit my ad again as i am unable 2 do so as discussed previously.Could you change does from £40 to £50 for me? I will put it to front of stalking available so it is easy for you 2 find.
    many thanks in advance

    Hi Alex,

    I've been sent a link to a Lyme disease survey being carried out in association with ticktalk.org in Ireland. Is it OK to pass this on?

    Hi cls,
    I want to advertise with banner on your site.
    Please give me more info about size that must be the banner,and when the payment must be done-before or after posting a banner.
    Regards Alexandar
    Hi Alex

    Hope you're well.

    On the Legality of following up a wounded deer thread; I think I have posted something of particular use and value. I don't know what you think about this but I wonder if there is any way that this post can be made "safe", as it were, from becoming lost or diluted in any subsequent chatter.

    As to what you might do or suggest, I leave that up to you and the team.

    Emailled John about an advert for my company and he said you were the web wiz,how do I go about this ?
    I can make up a banner with the name and a general discription with my website
    Do you need to check it out first? http://www.muntjactrading.co.uk then speak to my web wiz?
    How do I pay for it?
    Hi Alex, what I meant was does a reply to thread, automatically get routed to the current viewed page, or the last in line on last page?
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