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  1. Relaxed roebuck.

    Thought you might like this video clip from a trailcamera collected yesterday. Unfortunately the camera cuts out after 20 secs.
  2. Kidney Cancer

    She was thin but not emaciated and with no evidence of secondaries she went off to the dealer with abnormality noted on declaration.
  3. Kidney Cancer

    Appeared normal, other than out grazing at 9.00am which in that area wouldn't be normal.
  4. Kidney Cancer

    Some of you may be interested in this cancerous kidney from a sika hind I culled last week. A yearling hind weighing 16kg (normal weight for area is 22kg carcase weight)
  5. Thick-walled liver abscess in "healthy" fallow, W Sussex.

    I'll take a punt on this. Fusiformis necrophorus bacterial abscess, with or without Corynbacterium pyogenase. Back in the day I saw a lot of this in a couple of fallow deer farms, particularly in young animals. Multiple abscesses in fawns caused death pretty quickly, but a few of the survivors...
  6. Travelling to SA on SAA

    Passing on an email that I recieved this morning. May be a heads up to someone on this forum: Hunters/Shooters May Not Transport Firearms To/From London On South African Airways SCI has received information from the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) that effective...
  7. Dissertation

    Dietary protein, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins A and D are all critical for antler development. For a university dissertation you will need something better than the BASC magazine! This was the proceedings of from one an early conference on antler development...
  8. Rack identitity

    North American elk
  9. European Superstate....

    If you get your world news from the Daily Express what do you expect to be told.......
  10. chester taxidermy

    Leave goat head in bucket or barrel of water until horns can be pulled off, then boil skull as a deer skull. When everything dry. horns can then be slid back on skull.
  11. Chronic Wasting Disease

    There is no evidence that this isolated case is in any way related to CWD in deer in the USA, it is a pity that the Norwegians used that term rather than 'TSE (Transmissable Spongiform Encephalopathy) found in a wild deer in Norway'. This case could just as easily be related to BSE or scrapie or...
  12. Encouraging deer to a chosen spot?

    Simply cut down any greenery (at this time of year you are probably limited to ivy) and heap it somewhere. It will be a magnet. Most deer take time to adapt to new food souces but will be quick to feed of naural browse. See how quickly ivy is stripped from a fallen tree. There should be plenty...
  13. Sika / Red weights

    There can be a great deal of variation between individual animals in the same areas, but these would be average carcase .weights for lowland animals
  14. My best sika

    Where were your trousers? I know David Cameron does naughty things to pig's heads but each to their own!
  15. My best sika

    Red/sika hybrid so no medal......