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  • how u doing with the new job are those peffermill yobs keeping u busy . 6pointers day was good a took ma labrador she was like a steam train
    Morning from ****ing wet West Lothian (no doubt the same where you are)
    Just wondering how Ute is getting on. I think Diesel is going through a teenage stage and is being a bit on the rebellious side now and again. Put him on a training track just as it was getting a bit dark and misty Monday evening. Started ok but when I had turned left into trees he decided that enough was enough. Had that look like "hey, there could be bears in here"
    What happened with your ground at Forth or thereabouts. I noticed you have take on open farm ground.
    Think the rain has gone off a bit so I am going to take the chance and get the mutts out.
    Regards, Alex
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