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  1. Stag skull, Scotland

    Evening, I’ve a stag head I’d like to have prepared for mounting. Is there anyone in Scotland, hour or so from Fife, that offers this service? Thanks
  2. For Sale: Books

    Richard Prior The Roe Deer of Cranborne Chase Lea Mc Nally; Wild Highlands D. Brian Plummer; Adventures of an Artisan Hunter Ian Niall; The Gamekeeper I’ll take the four above please, Dayle
  3. Stag stalking, recommendations?

    The castle is incredible, I certainly didn’t have any issues. With it being so secluded it may be that they struggle to attract/ retain staff. I enjoyed staying and eating in the castle as much as the stalking, all added to the trip for me
  4. Stag stalking, recommendations?

    I’m just back from Amhuinnsuidhe on the Isle of Harris, some great scenery and cracking stags
  5. For Sale: Roe deer management and stalking by Richard Prior

    Grant, is the book still for sale?
  6. Highland stag

    The Mrs has promised me two days next year at the stags for my birthday. I’m looking for recommendations on what estate to try and book. As it’s a treat/ one off I’d like the most genuine experience I can get, so a good stalk with extraction via Garron Thanks in advance
  7. New member, Fife

    Good evening, Quick introduction. Been interested in stalking/ field sports for some time and finally have the free time and means to take part. Had my first couple of stalks in Ayrshire a few months ago where I saw a lot! of deer but sadly no bucks! Was still enough to get me hooked so I'll be...