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  1. New HS Pup

    Nice hound. That German Wire is a spitting image of my dog.
  2. Available: Forestry Commision leases

    If anyone is looking to tender for the Recreational Deer Management Permission for Lot 11 - WhiteHaugh and Knockespock Forest block in Moray and Aberdeenshire ForestDistrict, please can you PM me. I am based just a few miles from here and may be interested in a syndicate place if available in...
  3. Old dog not taking to new dog?

    We recently added a GWP dog pup to a household with a 9 year old Border dog. Took 3 months to settle down properly although the Border still puts him in his place if he pushes his luck. As said above, it just takes time and should settle down eventually. Border terriers become very attached to...
  4. New member in Scotland

    Welcome Mark, Simon
  5. Nice clean roebuck on the trailcam

    Nice roebuck captured on the trailcam last week.
  6. First cull buck of the season & interesting head

    No injury noted on carcass after skinning or during butchering.
  7. First cull buck of the season & interesting head

    Prepared Roe buck skull Some photographs of prepared skull from original post showing antler growth on right side. No coronet present and double antler split. Simon
  8. First cull buck of the season & interesting head

    First Roe buck of the season taken yesterday evening. Unusual antler formation.
  9. Roe Buck Photos

    Cracking photos. Fine healthy looking beast from higher ground. Simon
  10. Attractants for roe.

    Flaked maize and feed carrots in front of the trail cam works for me.
  11. Available: Accompanied Roe Buck Stalking in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Accompanied Roe Buck Stalking in Aberdeenshire, Scotland Places available for the Roe Buck season, commencing 1st April 2016. Located near Dunecht, approximately 15 miles West of Aberdeen, Roe Buck stalking will take place on over 3000 acres of mixed agricultural & forestry grounds in...
  12. Stalking series on BBC Alba (I Player)

    Type in Caileagan na h-oighreachd in BBC I Player. Episodes 1, 2 and 3. Based in Adnamurchan Estate. Very good. Just put down the volume if you can't speak Gaelic!
  13. New GWP pup - Future stalking companion

    New GWP pup at 11 weeks old. Sitting on command and retrieves ball. Very intelligent & keen little chap. From German imported Sire & Wiggmansburg dam. Also causing chaos in the house! Simon
  14. Two six pointers

    Great pictures. Both bucks are in excellent condition. Must have plenty of good forage in that area. Looks like forestry type ground or do you have agricultural ground nearby?
  15. Coolgame Game Fridges

    I have had an LU7000 for about a year now with no problems noted. It takes 4 roe deer easily. It was not cheap, but the build quality looks to be very good. Reaches the required temperature very quickly and doesn't seem too hard on the electricity usage. Cannot fault it to date.