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  1. Creed moor barrel length???

    QL via Reload Swiss suggested around 2715 using 130g Accubond from my 20" using 44.2g of RS62. Drop tested to 300 yds and it works out spot on, yes, only 300 yds I know and I'll chrono one day but happy with both groups and drop test.
  2. Porkka Coldrooms

    At long last, the coldroom is nearly up and running. Decided to take the carcass rail through the sides if the fridge (using 40 x 8mm bar) and support it directly at the floor and back wall. Question for guys with chillers, how far from the back wall is sensible for the rail????, given the...
  3. Brush Cutters / Clearance Saw

    take a look at the Honda 4 stroke brush cutters. Excellent bit of kit.
  4. Suggestions for getting the scope lower

    Was going to add to the thread to ask why one would want to get tight contact and saw this post. Do not think that firm contact is best without considering the alternative. Many of the best exponents of shooting from a gun down position, delivering a quick clean gun mount, shoot with...
  5. Do moderators wear out?

    LP quote one of their moderators was stripped after 15k rounds of .3006 and it was still like new, hence I expect the Titan I have on my 6.5 to outlast both me and the rifle.
  6. .243 or 6.5...

    Used a .243 for over 30 years on all deer in the UK..... fantastic calibre with the right choice of bullet. Still retain the first .243 I bought and will be using it in the coming weeks but if I were starting out again, it would be the versatile 6.5 and although I've only used my latest...
  7. Mower for a quad

    The chap I bought mine from used to mow the majority of the orchard with his skoda yeti
  8. Sold: Hardy Gen 6 Nearly New Mod

    Excellent moderator :thumb:, light, minimum overhang, looks good and sounds good. Happy to shoot a 22" .270 without hearing protection whilst stalking.
  9. Mower for a quad

    In life, you regret some things you buy and others that you consider a good buy. Bought a 1.5m cut, tow behind logic flail mower a couple of years ago from an acquaintance, and I've said on many occasion, "the best thing I've ever bought". Takes me 20 mins to cut what used to take 3 hours to...
  10. Camo? Or not to camo?

    Many predators are camouflaged for a reason, it enables them to get closer to prey.
  11. Binocular advice

    Agree with the SH Swaro or Leica. I have a few pairs of Leica Ultravid if interested.
  12. New high towers

    Looks impressive. If I can get my jobs cleared and nothing else turns up to get in the way I may get around to making one or two of my design.
  13. Oldest bit of kit you are still using

    Ditto ditto the Tikka. Only ever bought 2 rifles from new, so this is "in with the new, stick with the old". Bought the .243 M55 in '82 and only ever used it as a second rifle, hence the condition. Fitted it with the Z6i last year and it's now the spring/summer roe rifle.
  14. Lawrence Precision

    Picture of the Titan. The Neon I think is the same length but 38mm dia as compared to the Titan's 45mm if memory serves me right.
  15. Lawrence Precision

    Made these up before deciding Neon or Titan. Copies of size and weight, from some aluminium tube I was lucky to find with the right dimensions. Went for the Titan as it balanced absolutely fine on a 20" Carbon Wolf and the larger diameter wasn't an issue. With 80mm overhang on either model, I...