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  1. Washing your Stalking attire?

    At what point have I mentioned UV Glare - until now! Well we do have nice taste, don't we, that's one of my fave aftershaves. Have you sniffed the Vivenne westwood "naughty Alice", thats my evening perfume - wee bit pricey for wearing stalking though! A kilt? Are the rumours true? Now I want a...
  2. Washing your Stalking attire?

    I think my version of "not washed until they have to be" is probably very very very different to most of you men! After all what us ladies see as filthy, you men would carry on wearing for months! What's wrong with SJP? Ldet me guess you wear Brut??? For the record, I'm probably one of the best...
  3. Washing your Stalking attire?

    Yes deer have got an exceptionally good sense of smell and my stalking clothes only get washed when they really need washing - however me being a lady - I still, out of habit spray my perfume on me first thing in the morning, and so far I have never had a problem stalking or tracking deer! What...
  4. Concentration test for men.

    Even I got distracted whilest doing this test! 6 pointer - so you wouldn't want to take me out stalking then?
  5. Why we shoot deer - an excellent deer story, worth the read!

    Outstandingly different method of 'hunting'...had me in utter stiches!
  6. Large Munsterlander pup

    Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, Does anyone know where in the UK I can hold of a large munsterlander puppy? So far I have only found the Blitzan Stud, but they haven't got any litters due that coincide with me. Any ideas people!
  7. What a merry christmas

    Poor you! Other then shadowing what the others have said about redundancy pay I cant really add much to that side of things...but I can offer advice on getting "keepering qualifications". Most agricultural colleges offer NVQ's or National Diplomas in game keeping, but employers don't necessarily...
  8. Pregnant doe?

    What kind of deer was it?
  9. Pregnant doe?

    What type of deer was it?
  10. Good evening one and all.

    Hi, As requested I am writing a little bit about myself. I am a 24 year old, very petite (and pretty) lady. I have been shooting for a number of years now, hold a SGC and FAC (FAC for .17hmr, .22 and .243). I hold my deerstalkers cert and also have NVQ and National Diploma in Game Management...