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  1. Wonderhart?

    He is certainly still trading, don't think he ever stopped. He hasn't paid back the people he ripped off either.
  2. Precise sharpening system at the design stage--interest please.

    I have toyed with a wicked edge system so would be interested to see where this goes.
  3. Law on carrying a knife

    Your story was 1. Family out playing baseball 2. Unluckily lose ball 3. Unluckily get stopped on way home by the police 4. Unluckily police have reasonable grounds for a search 5. Unluckily they find a baseball bat with no ancillary equipment 6. Unluckily they were rude and abusive police...
  4. Law on carrying a knife

    And yet not disappointed in the language used towards police officers on the eve of the anniversary of the brutal murder of two brave police officers. Why am I not surprised.
  5. Law on carrying a knife

  6. Lost thermal

    In this case the dog would be using the residual human scent to detect the item. This would not be there now on the thermal unit, it doesn't last long. Unless the dog is trained to detect thermal units or component parts it would have no more chance of finding it than any other dog that might...
  7. Test

    Don't think I've ever heard 'your not singing anymore' sung so loudly!! Unbelievable
  8. Speed camera

    In a week when one officer has been killed and 2 others have come very close, some people on this forum always manage to show their ignorance. Why let the facts and the hugely difficult job done by our emergency services get in the way. Truly lowers the tone of a great forum.
  9. Flight case

    +1 on the above, the one thing I would not go cheap on is the flight case. Peli all the way.
  10. Sold: 9 month old Sproker bitch pup

    Environmental problems are almost always the reason for failure if you have a good dog to start with. Dogs which have been treated harshly before coming to us often have problems when you are asking them to do things they were not allowed to do before. Clambering on furniture etc. This is why a...
  11. Sold: 9 month old Sproker bitch pup

    Based on what? Plainly not experience. Sorry but I find comments like this made with no real basis are no help to anyone. A dog assessed as suitable for a specialist course such as a Springer is very likely to succeed. Maybe 1 in 6 drops out and there is a long waiting list of homes should that...
  12. Sold: 9 month old Sproker bitch pup

    What exactly do you think happens to them?
  13. ok you pommy bastards

    Sometimes just saying "well played" is all that's needed! Anything else just sounds like sour grapes! ( And trying to change the subject to free stalking..... really!)
  14. Where is an Aussie when you really need one?

    Wow, that was some finish! Brilliant.