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  1. Best value for money dog food?

    I think you also need to think about the long term effects of what you feed your dog. Just because they eat it and look ok, I'm convinced that longevity and health comes from amongst other things good feeding. If someone is selling food for around 50p a kilo after the whole chain has made a...
  2. Hard Rifle Cases

    Peli, no contest.
  3. Slip collar on puppy

    Depending on the dog and how determined it is, a slip collar can damage growing bones/muscles early on and i would only ever use a flat collar and clip on lead for the first few months. Once it's done some growing change to a slip.
  4. Stalking prices

    That's some.expensive stalking!
  5. For Sale: Books

    Would be interested in a list of any other Plummer books you have, particularly omega and any of the terrier books. Thanks
  6. For Sale: Marlin 1894CB Octagonal Barrel - .44 Rem Mag

    I have one of these and would love the details of that load please!
  7. Lab for Deer, where do I start... even how do I find a suitable pup, only ever had shelter dogs..

    Don't absolutely rule out a rescue dog. I regularly assess shelter dogs for law enforcement work.and have found some crackers. Some shelters look for working homes for suitable dogs. We buy almost all our general purpose dogs but haven't paid for a specialist search dog in years as there are...
  8. Best Pet Dog Insurance?

    Also have a look at Sainsbury's, I insured all 4 of ours with them and they have always paid up, also paid the vet direct when required. Like it or not, modern vets can do so much more now but it costs. You win some you lose some but at least if your dog needs major treatment you aren't worrying...
  9. Primates - BBC1

    Tell me if I'm wrong but I'm sure that's Packham narrating! I was looking forward to this but had to turn over as I can't stand hearing his voice. Time to cancel the TV licence I think.
  10. £1000 night vision

    Pard 008lrf
  11. Best QD rings

    +1 for Leupold qd
  12. Recknagel Mounts Free To Good Home

    Yes please if still available. Happy to make donation to charity of your choice.