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  • So I have a new mobile number after my trusty iphone packed in! grrr

    New mobile number is: 07788 257 976

    hi dennis , hows it going tried phoning you , hows the pup coming on , max is coming on a treat , got a bloody good nose on him , coming on great , what a size of a dog , but as soft as enything , he never leaves katies side , not my dog its katies, what you doing with that good wee bitch you got , you going to take a litter of her , if so would like a pup of her , give me a call if you get a chance willie .
    Sako M995 / 75 Trigger Assembly

    Have you come across this crowd before? If so what are they like?
    Hi Dennis, I was just looking at your photos., Wilma pup is a beauty!!!................I will take some of Heidi today and post them on the thread. I had her stalking with me on Wed morning..............She pointed a dog fox for me at around 40 I was putting the cross hairs on its chest, she let out a bark of gone. Never the less a good strong point for such a young pup. I think I will leave her for a few more months before her next stalk.
    Just had an enquiry about my rifle, won't hold my breath though as the bloke has just asked if it is still for sale. Probably just wants to laugh...
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