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  1. A-Tec Hertz options

    To answer my own question they are stainless
  2. A-Tec Hertz options

    what material are the baffles made from on the Hertz? Dave
  3. Prometheus pellets

    I remember both as a kid penetration was good but expensive; a standard .177 wasp would kill ha rabbit or hare at 50m if you put it through the head !!
  4. Advice on barrel length.

    Stalking you can afford to go really short but long range, Range work you want a long barrel 2 Guns Dave
  5. Tracks by dog - do you let go after a wounded deer?

    My lurcher was surprisingly good at tracking shot deer, she was quite small only 20 inches at the shoulder and 17-19Kg she was ruthless on deer if they were head up she would take deer twice her size by the throat. I still have a little jack Russell and he isn't the best tracker but he has...
  6. Always check - even when you think you've missed!

    Good write up, some deer don't read the same books as us!! Always follow up with a dog after any shot. Dave
  7. Mauser MO3 Barrel

    I am looking to get a Mauser MO3 Match Barrel in .243 has any one got any experience with the match barrel, pros and cons?
  8. Thoughts on single shot rifles for deer

    Single shot isn't best practice but realistically how many animals do you give a second shot?
  9. Wanted: Bit of help with clays

    Some good advice above if you have never had a lesson then get one just to make sure your stance is correct and you are looking for the clay in the right place and setting your self up properly. It will be money well spent. The biggest tips I can give are make a point of focusing on every clay...
  10. A good malt , any recommendations??

    Treat your self to an 18 year old Balvenie, have some 12yo stuff and do a back to back tasting
  11. This was the grey shrike seen at Cannock chase

    saw one on surrey a couple of years ago when I was out stalking the twitchers got really excited about it!! Dave
  12. Mauser M03 - what's the verdict?

    I have one in 30.06 it is wood stock but oil finished not varnish, not seen one varnished TBH. I agree with all of above it is a fantastic rifle if very slightly heavy. The standard stock is designed to be used with open sights so when you put a scope an inch and a half above that you need to...
  13. A 30-06 stalking rifle

    I shoot a Mauser M03 in 30.06 and love it. Dave
  14. Any tips for 1st time deer stalk.

    Don't worry too much about ballistic ballocks; unless extremely close (less than 30m) or over 200m away aim where you want to hit and you will end up with a dead deer. Dave
  15. Brit faces the lash in Saudi

    The Irony of the punishment for going on the Lash in the first place!!!
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