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  1. Optics Guarantees?

    I guess it's like a car, take it to your local garage and get charged £40/hour, take it to a main dealer and it's £125/hour I have no idea of what is involved but in my simple mind, an hour to disassemble an hour to fix and another hour to reassemble. Cheers Richard
  2. Optics Guarantees?

    Well, it sat in customs for 3 weeks, although I had completed the forms sent to me by S&B but my MAC changed the format, so I emailed back the forms in total ignorance of the fact the form had been changed so couldn't be used to collect from scope from customs in Germany by S&B, so after a week...
  3. Must have lost my marbles

    What issues? Honestly I had my doubts switching from 100 grain lead Speer to Fox 80 grain, but hand on heart I've had no issues, all but one of my reds has been boiler room shot, none ran further than 50 yards. *sorry just read your post 41 Yes I know you love your .270 but aren't you changing...
  4. How long underground? (well, in a big planter)

    You might want to check Youtube for Hydro Dipping, but if you do go down that road expect the wrath of the SD to descend upon thee! (based on my experiment a few years ago :lol: ) Cheers Richard
  5. Fly rod

    Wash your mouth out, heathen!:lol: TBH it's what I recommend to people new to this game, Shakespeare do some great rods. (however I use Sage for my own personal use!);) Cheers Richard
  6. Fly rod

    SWFF? Cheers Richard
  7. Morning Stalk in Cornwall

    That's because there aren't any of what you are looking to hunt (well maybe 1 or 2 munties) in Cornwall You will be limited to Roe Bucks Cheers Richard
  8. The mentoring system

    They can shift the blame all they like, at the end of the day it's the guy who has been signed off that is liable for any incident in my view. I have mentored four, three I signed off, the 4th I retracted my mentorship, because the police rang me up asking questions in relation to the guys...
  9. Attack of the Emmets

    We popped down to Sidmouth on Tuesday, car parks were rammed but luckily we found one space (took the wife mini's, no chance with my Hilux!) there was a grass area, clearly marked 'no parking' grass/wild flowers left uncut as a little conservation area, nope, ignored, I looked at the number...
  10. Mr Packam being challenged

    You have something in common with Packham then, apparently he doesn't either:rolleyes:
  11. Mr Packam being challenged

    Has he actually been medically diagnosed with Aspergers?
  12. Wanted: Roe Buck Stalk (2-5th July)

    I have but I'm down in Devon Cheers Richard
  13. For Sale: LOWA GTX EVO EXTREME size 9 1/2

    Bank holiday bump and price reduction Cheers Richard
  14. Knife number 6

    I really appreciate all the positive comments. @Grannysmith sorry I can't sell something that isn't as good as I can make it, I know I can do better, it wouldn't sit right with me selling it with what I see as imperfections, but I really appreciate the kind offer. Cheers Richard
  15. Available: Guided deer stalking in Devon

    I have just opened it up to include doe/hind stalking Doe and hind stalking from 1st November Outing £85 Shot fee £50 Carcass included for roe doe's. Fallow/Red at game dealer prices. Cheers Richard
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