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  1. For Sale: For sale. Diopter for Swiss k31 rifle.

    Swiss products diopter sight for Swiss k31 rifle. complete with adjustable/ magnified gehmann iris. £350. Plus p&p or collect from north Notts. No offers. Advertised elsewhere. Thanks. PRICE DROP £200. Now sold.
  2. For Sale: .357. /38special brass

    Following brass for sale Mixed headstamp. Fired no more than twice. Most just once. £13 per hundred posted, (Highlands/ islands etc contact for cost) or £10 per hundred collect from misterton near Doncaster. 100 .357 nickel 400 .357 brass 300 .38sp nickel 300 .38sp brass. NO LONGER FOR SALE...
  3. For Sale: Lee loading

    Hi. I will take the autoprime X-r. If it's still available can you pm me payment details please. Thanks.
  4. For Sale: .22 Ammunition

    Thanks for that. I've been really pleased with it.
  5. For Sale: .22 Ammunition

    300rnds geco semi auto, 200rnds cci minimag. £30. Collect from Misterton near Doncaster. Must go this week or off to RFD.
  6. Wanted: Lee breech lock challenger press or anniversary kit

    I have a press and six bushings on sale on this forum if interested.
  7. For Sale: 223

    Hi if the 100 ppu become available I will take them. Thanks.
  8. For Sale: Lee breech lock challenger press

    Will leave it as is for now but may change if there is no interest. Thanks.
  9. For Sale: Lee breech lock challenger press

    Lee breech lock challenger press and six quick change bushings. very good condition. Little use as given turret press as present. . £50 plus p&p sorry cant seem to post pics. Can email if required.
  10. Wanted: Lee breech lock challenger press or anniversary kit

    Hi. If you are still looking I'm about to post a lee breech lock challenger press and six of the quick change bushings for £50 plus p and p. Am struggling to post pictures at the mo but if you are interested I can email them. Cheers. Martin.
  11. 7.5x55swiss GP11

    I'm using a lee c312-155-2r mold. Half and half lead and linotype gives a bullet weighing 153gn. I slugged the bore and found it to be exactly .308. So I use a lee lube and size kit to bring the bullet down to .309. I use a gas check and l both liquid alox and wax lube the bullets. I am a novice...
  12. 7.5x55swiss GP11

    Hi. I can also reccomend the ppu 74gn bullet. I've been using it with vit n140 and it shoots very well. Also I've now loaded appx 500 with the lee dies with no problems. As to seating depth I copied an idea from YouTube and used an unprimed cartridge with a split cut in the top just deep enough...
  13. Sold: Tikka T3 CTR in GRS Berserk stock

    Yes I'm afraid that's already gone.
  14. Sold: Tikka T3 CTR in GRS Berserk stock

    Cheers bob. Didn't realise l left it out.
  15. Sold: Tikka T3 CTR in GRS Berserk stock

    Selling my .308 setup to fund a straight pull AR. comprising TIKKA T3 CTR in GRS Berserk Stock. With Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 non illuminated scope on leupold rings. ASE UTRA JET Z Moderator. Lee ultimate 4 die set (yellow box) appx 70 cleaned primed and necksized Lapua cases appx 40 cleaned...
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