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  1. Scottish game fair

    Not many shooting and fishing stands. Hope Scone doesn't go the same way as Straloch. Moy has been disapointing for several years being more of a craft fair than a game fair. If vendor's dont show a profit they wont attend. Perhaps a reduction in fees for the stall holders may encourage more to...
  2. New build.

    I visited Callum Ferguson at PRS today to finalise the new build 6.5 Creedmoor . The Bergara barrel is heading to the scrap bin having performed stirling service in its short but busy life and the action has found a new home. The BMP chassis is a good one and I find it very comfortable so will...
  3. For Sale: Remington 20 MOA Pic rail.

    Remington 20 MOA pic rail for a rem 700 or 700 clone. As new. £50.
  4. For Sale: Remington 20 MOA Pic rail.

    Black pick rail for a Rem 700 or Rem 700 clone. The rail is a genuine rem item. It has been fitted to my tired Bergara BMP and is no longer required as the new action has a different fixing. It is in as new condition. £50
  5. Sold: 6.5 Creed seating die

    Hia Malk. Its with Bruce. Did you watch him and Russ annealing on his whiso machine he made . Worth a look. He's off with hundreds of my brass to sort out.🙂
  6. Scottish game fair

    Heading down early friday morning for the fair then a few days in Pitlochry for a stress break 🙂
  7. Sold: 6.5 Creed seating die

    Hia Malc. Think I have a Lee you can have. Give me a buzz and I shal go find it.
  8. Sako P94S .22

    Told you so.🙂
  9. A question for reloaders who anneal their brass

    Ok back to queens English. Well done Bruce on a full and informative explanation on intoduction heating and none ferrous annealing. When can I offload two hundred Creedmoor, one hundred 243 three hundred 222 As well as the fireman and Davies 500 6.5x55 cases. You do realise that my visits to...
  10. A question for reloaders who anneal their brass

    Fit like min. Jist watcht yer wee annealing vid wee Russ. Noo a wiz jist a wee bet meft it yih thoucht it yer funcy machine wiz beter thin ih waye a telt yih. Russ meth wunt tih dee a wee vid on ma ain waye. Noo is a telt yih jist hud ih eyn o ee case wee yer fingirs in hud ih bet brass tee tull...
  11. Sold: Finnfire P94S varmint TAKEN OFF SALE

    Fools and their Finfires are easily parted. I know because I was a fool once but after some time passing I got it back. Its not to late to change your mind.
  12. So, what’s your claim to fame?

    LIAR !
  13. Recommend me an IR for Pard 008

    SRX will double your range
  14. Indiscretion

    lucky boy.
  15. Sako P94S .22

    none better .
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