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  1. For Sale: Drone Pro (ENV10) For sale

    Yes warranty is transferable and yes still for sale
  2. For Sale: CZ 455 Thumhole Laminate Varmint 16" Barrel .17 HMR

    For sale is a good condition and well looked after CZ 455 Laminate .17 HMR. Will come with Wildcat Panther moderator and Picatinny rail fitted too. Also has fitted a Yo Dave trigger kit, which transformed the way the rifle shot for me. Very little use and is very accurate. Pictures to follow...
  3. For Sale: RCBS Trim Pro trimmer with all pilots

    I have a RCBS trim pro kit for sale, only selling as I now have an powered trimmer. Very good condition, not had a lot of use. Comes with power tool adapter to speed up the process. £100 delivered
  4. Sold: Cz455 fluted varmint

    OK cheers - let me have a think on it
  5. Sold: Cz455 fluted varmint

    Thanks Pete, How were you finding it for accuracy?
  6. Sold: Cz455 fluted varmint

    Have you any idea the approximate round count? I am quite a drive away so wondered what RFD fees would be?
  7. Sold: Cz455 fluted varmint

    Hi, i'm interested in this - are you Salisbury based?
  8. For Sale: Drone Pro (ENV10) For sale

    Photos sent
  9. For Sale: Drone Pro (ENV10) For sale

    Will sort some pictures for you shortly
  10. Sold: IOR 3.5-18x50 ffp moa + tier one mounts

    If anything like the rest of the IOR range, great glass and works very well with NV!
  11. For Sale: Drone Pro (ENV10) For sale

    Hey Steve, can you message me with your email address or phone number (If you use whatsapp)
  12. For Sale: Drone Pro (ENV10) For sale

    Yes it does
  13. For Sale: Drone Pro (ENV10) For sale

    I'm swapping out my NV setup and have decided to sell my ENV10, bought from Cliff Ray of optical-solutions. Incredibly good bit of kit, which I bought earlier this Spring. Has never been used in the wet. I've used it with a PBiR laser illuminator with a dispersion filter and it has been...
  14. Sold: Photon xt 6.5-50 with doubler

    Ooo shots fired :D
  15. For Sale: Yukon Photon with doubler

    Price dropped